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12 Ways You Can Save Money on Egg Donation

The cost of using egg donation and IVF can cause a bit of sticker shock. However, it shouldn’t deter you from pursuing your family dreams.

Here are 12 practical ways to save money on your egg donation journey:

Plan ahead

Planning ahead is critical to help you save as much money on your donation expenses as possible. If you start investing and planning out your expenditures in advance of your IVF journey, you will be well prepared to handle the expenses when they come.

Check for an insurance mandate

Some states require insurance carriers that operate there to offer coverage for families undergoing fertility treatments. If your state is one that has such a mandate, you can look into getting this type of rider added to your policy. Check out resolve.org/family-building-options/insurance_coverage to see if your state is covered.

Use your FSA

Whether you have insurance coverage for IVF or not, you can add money to your FSA and max that card out for use on related expenses.

Take out a loan

Take out a home equity line of credit or a chunk from your 401(k) to help fund your fertility journey. You might also consider a fertility loan geared exclusively toward your fertility expenses.

Look into financing options

Ask your agency if they offer financing options for paying your treatment fees in smaller chunks, rather than paying the full fee up front. Check out information on financing options

Apply for a fertility grant

There are numerous independent groups that offer grants for couples seeking fertility treatments. Some require a year’s advance notice or more, so be proactive about finding a grant for which you qualify. Visit our resources page for grant information.

Host a fundraiser

Get your local community on board with growing your family by hosting a fundraiser to defray some of your expenses. Visit Fertility Within Reach and get some valueable information. fertilitywithinreach.org/fundraising

Dedicate an IVF savings account

As you save, earmark a savings account exclusively for your IVF expenses, like you would for any large purchase.

Ask for donations

If you have friends or family looking to help with your fertility expenses, ask for donations in lieu of gifts at a birthday or anniversary party.

Dig deep into insurance policies

Even if you aren’t in a state with a mandate, still look into your insurance policy to learn what fertility and donor services and screenings are covered.

Look for drug discounts

Shop around for prices at different pharmacies and you’ll be surprised at how much prices for the drugs that you need can vary.

Launch a side gig

Consider opening an Etsy shop to sell handcrafted goodies or delve into the wide world of freelancing to use your skills and help save for your fertility expenses.

By being smart with your planning and creative with your financial situation, your IVF process can be even closer that you ever imagined. Don’t let the cost of treatments scare you away from pursuing this fulfilling opportunity for growing your family!

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