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Blog Archives: February 2019

surrogate support getting husband on-board

A Surrogate Husband’s Point of View on Surrogacy – Joe’s Blog

It is not uncommon for even the most supportive of husbands to start this process with a few questions and a handful of doubts. To help calm their (totally normal) nerves, we wanted to share a few thoughts from Joe LaMothe. His wife, Sharon, is our COO. Together they went through two surrogacy journeys. Here are his thoughts on the daily hormone injections that are part of the procedure.

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same sex couples and surrogacy

Same-Sex Couples and Surrogacy

Same-sex couples considering surrogacy will have far more stressors than their heterosexual counterparts. But you’re brave enough to walk this road, and you’re absolutely strong enough to take whatever is coming your way.

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