Hear from Family Inceptions former clients about their journeys.

Family Inceptions consistently went above and beyond. We always received responses to our questions very promptly. Family Inceptions also goes above and beyond with communicating with doctor offices and everyone involved in our surrogacy journey. Family Inceptions makes the surrogacy process simple, at a time when things can feel overwhelming. They coordinated and introduced us to all the people needed for the surrogacy journey [surrogate, psychologist, lawyer, escrow agent and even recommended a specialist when we needed it]. We also had very positive experiences with everyone Family Inceptions introduced us to. Especially our amazing surrogate! Family Inceptions does an exceptional job matching surrogates with intended parents. Eloise took the time to really get to know my husband and I. After meeting she said she had the perfect surrogate for us and she was absolutely right! When we met our surrogate and her husband we just knew she was "the one". Being able to match people in this way is a real talent!

– K.D., Intended Parent via Surrogacy

All turned out great and we got our wish! I can't say enough about the process, it was organized and easy.

– T.B., Intended Parent via Surrogacy

I walked into the process struggling to trust the industry and feeling vulnerable to potential scams. Family Inceptions proved to be honest and upfront. I'd recommend for others to rely on Family Inceptions for all aspects, such as egg donors, surrogates, recommendations for clinics, legal representation, escrow, etc... we had a perfect experience. After meeting with Eloise I walked away with an impression of a one-person operation.

– J.C., Intended Parent via Egg Donation and Surrogacy

I loved working with Eloise and family inceptions. I was very specific with what I wanted in being matched and she was very patient and attentive in finding me the perfect couple to suit my needs. I appreciated that it was all streamlined and I was able to seek her knowledge from both a business and personal standpoint. I will always recommend Family Inceptions for anyone looking into a surrogacy journey."

– R.R., Surrogate

I was fearful that we would find a surrogate who would, after becoming pregnant, try to take advantage of us or reveal herself to be a less-desirable person than she'd presented herself to be. In reality, Family Inceptions located our dream surrogate. She was considerate throughout the pregnancy, and she delivered us a precious, healthy baby. She's been a supportive friend ever since. We cannot thank her or Family inceptions enough for helping us achieve our biggest dream. I would say that it is really imperative to have an agency to help you, and that we can wholeheartedly vouch for Family Inceptions. Eloise was invaluable, supporting us every step of the way providing answers to our many questions. I would have wanted to carry our daughter myself, but as that was not an option. Given that surrogacy was our next best option, our experience with it was much less stressful and much more enjoyable than I could've predicted.

– D.C., Intended Parent via Surrogacy

I was naturally afraid of spending more money and possibly not getting our money's worth. That didn't happen. Eloise will treat you and your surrogate fairly. She will be respectful of your situation and will be there when you need her. She will treat you as she would like to be treated.

– L.G., Intended Parent via Surrogacy

My nurse gave me impeccable instructions which helped me forget my worry thoughts and made me feel confident and comfortable in the process. I have actually referred Family Inceptions to two of my best friends. I explained to them the entire process and how easy it was to help a family, with the guidance of Family Inceptions. I would like to add how privileged I feel to be able to help these families feel the love of birthing a child. I was lucky enough to be able to give birth to my own child with no complications, and I am just thankful that I was given the opportunity to help a family have the same experiences I had when pregnant and giving birth to my son. Thank you Family Inceptions for being the connecting piece to this miracle.

– M.T., Egg Donor

My biggest fear was feeling like I did not have autonomy or control over decisions being made in the process. I ended up having a ton of support and felt that all of my concerns were heard, respected, and worked through.

– E.J., Surrogate

Family Inceptions felt like a true family friend from the beginning. Eloise was easy to contact, wonderful to communicate with, and reassuring and helpful every step of the way. I knew I wouldn't get lost in the paperwork shuffle like I felt with some other larger donor egg banks. I never felt like a number. Family Inceptions was recommended to me by a friend I met on the donor egg online boards, and they came highly recommended. I'm so glad I listened to my friend. I definitely feel like I ended up with the daughter I was meant to have.

– J.A., Intended Parent via Egg Donation

Eloise took the time to make sure we were placed with the perfect couple for us and everything with the relationship was perfect. Family Inceptions is professional, patient, caring, knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. I am so honored to have been a surrogate through this amazing agency. If I ever do another surrogacy I'll never use another agency... I love you all as if you were family and I'm so blessed to have found you.

– C.E., Surrogate