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How are their surrogates screened? Is it before they are introduced to IPs?

Family Inceptions: Candidates must past our 165+ checkpoint system before introduction to our IPs.

Do you have licensed family law attorney on staff?

Family Inceptions: Yes. She will help develop a legal approach specific to your needs.

Do you have a licensed nurse on staff?

Family Inceptions: Yes. She helps screen surrogates and acts as our IP Consultant.

What is their clinic approval acceptance rate of agency surrogates?

Family Inceptions: Over 92% of our surrogates are accepted by IP clinics.

What is their rate of rematch?

Family Inceptions: Less than 1 in 20 matches require a rematch.

Have they had any lawsuits?

Family Inceptions: Zero.

Do they provide 24/7 support?

Family Inceptions: Absolutely.

Are they registered with the FDA?

Family Inceptions: Yes, and few other agencies are.

What is their rating with the BBB?

Family Inceptions: We have an A+ rating.

Do they have a physical location?

Family Inceptions: Yes. We are headquartered in our physical Georgia office.

How long have they been in business?

Family Inceptions: We’ve been in business since 2008.

Do they offer egg donation and surrogacy services?

Family Inceptions: We are a full-service agency and offer egg donation and surrogacy programs.

How are IP funds protected?

Family Inceptions: We work with a reputable third-party escrow company to protect your investment.

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