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Agreeing To An Egg Donor: 5 Things You Must Know

One of the most impactful and rewarding acts a woman can do is give a family the gift of a child. You can change the life of a parent-to-be and receive a significant financial reward, but the egg donation process is not for everyone.

Before you dive headfirst into the process, there are a few things you should know about becoming an egg donor:

1. There Are Certain Requirements To Be An Egg Donor

Here at Family Inceptions, the health and safety of our donors and families are of the utmost importance. That’s why we have specific requirements for our potential donors to meet before they move forward in the application process. We want to make sure each donor is healthy, stable, and committed to the process

The requirements to become an Egg Donor with Family Inceptions include factors such as age, education, medical, and family health history. Read more about what we look for in an egg donor

2. Becoming An Egg Donor Is A 7-Step Process

The specific steps for becoming an egg donor can vary from agency to agency, but the overall process usually looks pretty similar. Below is an outline of the process to become an egg donor with Family Inceptions. 

  • Step 1: Application: To find the best-fit intended parents for you, we have a 2-part questionnaire to complete so we can get to know everything about you – personality, lifestyle, background, overall health, and your expectations. Although your answers will be seen and analyzed by our team, it’s important to be open and answer honestly. The goal is to get to know you on a deeper level so we know if this is the right fit or not. We aren’t looking for perfection, we want to know the real you.
  •  Step 2: Interview and Pre-Screening:This is where we really begin the journey to becoming an egg donor. We’ll schedule an interview to discuss all the details like compensation structure, risks, procedures, and how egg retrieval works. We’ll also gather information and paperwork that is needed to continue the process.
  • Step 3: Find A Match: Once you have successfully gone through the application and interview process, it’s time to get matched with the intended parents! This can take anywhere from 1 week to 6 months. We want to ensure that it’s the best fit for everyone involved, so it can take some time before a match is found.
  • Step 4: Medical and Psychological Screening: When a match has been made, the next step is to undergo a medical and psychological screening. These costs are covered by the intended parents and will be done at a fertility clinic of their choosing. Thorough screenings will be conducted to ensure that your physical and mental health is where it should be before making it official with egg harvesting.
  • Step 5: Legal Contracts: Your safety is important to us, which is why we provide legal counsel for you as well as the intended parents. Our legal experts will help both parties execute an Egg Donation Agreement so both of your best interests can be protected.
  • Step 6: Egg Donor Medication: For your ovaries to begin producing eggs for retrieval, injectable medication will need to be administered. You’ll work closely with the fertility clinic to track the cycle and know when and how much medication needs to be taken.
  • Step 7: Egg Retrieval: Typically, the procedure for egg retrieval only lasts about 30 minutes, but it can take 1 to 2 hours. You will be mildly sedated for a pain-free experience and will need to rest for one day after. Our donors say they are usually able to go about their normal routines in 1-2 days.

3. There Are Some Short-Term Risks

So far, no long-term risks of egg donation have been discovered. There are a few short-term potential risks that should be considered and understood before you decide to become an egg donor. 

  • Blood-Drawing and Needles: Egg retrieval is a medical process and with it comes common medical procedures like getting your blood drawn and administering injections. Mild discomfort can come from these.
  • Medication and Antibiotics: Many medications and antibiotics have a chance to cause side effects, and fertility medications are no different. Some women report that their medication causes moodiness, weight gain, headache, allergic reaction, fatigue, or bloating. In severe cases, a side effect can be ovarian hyperstimulation, but cases are very rare.
  • Ultrasound-Guided Egg Retrieval: Some donors have reported mild to moderate discomfort after the retrieval. Serious complications include bleeding, infection, and bowel discomfort. In extremely rare cases, surgery may be required to repair any internal damage to organs or control significant bleeding.

4. Egg Donors Can Still Have Children Of Their Own

A fear for many potential donors is that donating their eggs will impact their fertility when they are ready to have their own child. That is a myth

While there are always a few that have difficulties after, it isn’t the norm. Egg donation has been found to be safe and doesn’t cause infertility. If you have concerns about your fertility and chances of having a baby later in life, consult your physician before becoming a donor. 

5. You Will Be Compensated

Choosing to become an egg donor is a commitment of your time, mind, and body. You are giving such a beautiful gift to change someone’s life for the better, and we believe that you should have a safe, easy, and financially rewarding experience too. 

Our donors receive a compensation package of $8,000 to $20,000 depending on factors such as ethnicity, location, and the number of previous donations. 

For more information, see all the benefits and compensation options

Need more information before you dive in? Here are a few great resources we recommend:



Are you ready to become an egg donor?

That’s so exciting! We would love to talk with you and see if you are an ideal fit. We are always looking for compassionate egg donors looking to make a significant impact on the world. 

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