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Family Fun: Building Leprechaun Traps

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Leprechaun Traps- How to Do it Right
In case you haven’t heard, leprechauns are slippery little fellas. They’re tricky and tiny and always up to mischief. Perhaps that’s why moms of toddlers around the world spend a lot of time every March creating leprechaun traps to try and catch them.

No, really though. If you’ve missed the memo, making a leprechaun trap with your young child is a thing. For a lot of young families, it’s an annual tradition that takes on about as much significance as putting up the Christmas tree. Kids love them, and they’re all around good fun. The idea is to set the trap out on the evening of March 16th. The best traps catch the little guys overnight while your child sleeps. On St. Patrick’s morning your child will race to the trap to check for success!

We wanted to share some tips for how to make your trap a hit, and since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, we went with a lucky number seven.

Tell the Tale
Get your child excited for learning by telling the tale of a naughty leprechaun that needs to be caught. We love the children’s book “How to Catch a Leprechaun” by Adam Wallace. Once you’re read it together, talk about what a leprechaun looks like, and how you might catch one. When the ideas start flowing, that’s when you reach for pen and paper…
Make it About Learning
This idea was probably started by an engineering teacher somewhere. Step one is always to encourage your child to get creative and brainstorm an idea. If they’re old enough, ask them to write it down and draw a diagram of the trap that they’d like to build.
Do it Together
Start by hitting the craft store (or family recycling bin) together. Brainstorm how different items can be used to build new things. You can use anything from old tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls to Lego blocks and fly paper. Anything goes! Just be sure to choose age appropriate materials and supervise the use of any scissors, glue, or paint.
Set it Up
Talk with your child about where they think a leprechaun would enter your house, and where a good place to set the trap might be. Let their imagination lead the charge. If they think leprechauns come through the fireplace, then that is where the trap should go. And remember, sometimes you need to set several decoy traps along the route. If your child thinks that the leprechaun will follow chocolate from the front door to the kitchen, be sure to set them. (And be sure to pick them up before you go to bed, too.)
Test it Out
If the trap has moving mechanics involved, be sure to have your child show you how it works, this way you’ll know how to make it look as though the trap deployed overnight.
Gold Glitter
Everyone knows that leprechauns are attracted to gold. Turns out that gold glitter is really, really appealing to them. Make sure to put a small dish of gold glitter in your trap. Then, after your child goes to bed, take some spare glitter and create a trail leading from the trap right out the front door. It’ll look like the leprechaun got to the gold, escaped the trap, and ran away in the nick of time!
Gold Coins
Keep the story going by scattering gold wrapped chocolate coins near the glitter trail. Clearly the leprechaun was in such a rush to escape that he lost some of his treasure!

Now that you’re in the know, it’s time to get crafty! We really want to see what you come up with! If you need some inspiration, here are nine simple traps that are sure to impress any leprechaun! Be sure to take some photos are share them with us on social media. We’ve never actually heard of a leprechaun trap actually catching a leprechaun, so if you pull it off, that’s something we really want to see!

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