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5 Favorite Sugar Cookie Recipes

By Eloise Drane on

2 minutes | Family Time

One of the best things about the holiday season is the FOOD! Eating well is tied to living well for many of us, and the holiday season is when some of the best family recipes come out. And what better way to pair holiday food with a holiday craft than with a great sugar cookie? We love the idea of rolling out dough with the kids and then working as a team to use cookie cutters to make special shapes. It all comes together like magic when you frost the cookies together. Here’s a look at our five favorite sugar cookie recipes to try this year.

  1. Buttermilk Sugar Cookies
    These come with a disclaimer. While they will be the softest, most cake-like sugar cookie you ever have, they aren’t able to be rolled out and cut into cute shapes. These cookies use buttermilk as the secret ingredient. It gives the cookie a rich flavor that is hard to place if you’re not in on the secret. The end result is a cookie that’s almost a cake, think Loft House style. Yum!
  2. Raspberry Sugar Cookie Sandwiches
    Instead of rolling out and using cutters shaped like candy canes and mittens, why not use a starburst cutter to make a festive sandwich sugar cookie? Filled with raspberry jam, they even have the look of a holiday wreath! These are sure to be a favorite in no time.
  3. Mexican Sugar Cookies
    Warm and sunny with just a touch of cinnamon. These cookies are splendid and go very well with hot cider! Feel free to follow the recipe exactly to create the sunburst design, or go your own way! You can easily use your own cutters and a simple sugar icing to make these your own.
  4. Maple Sugar Cookies
    With just a touch of sweetness from maple syrup, these cookies are unique and classic at the same time. You can make bite-sized cookies or take it large, making a full tin cookie-cake. Just don’t forget the custom maple syrup icing, that’s the best part.
  5. The Classic
    Maybe none of the above recipes tickle your fancy. There is just something to that good, old-fashioned sugar cookie that we just can’t deny. If you’re looking for that one recipe, we recommend this one. There are direction modifications so that you can make these cut-out cookies, or not. You can add frosting, or not. It ’s up to you, and no matter how you choose, they’re sure to impress.

We can’t wait to see the amazing sugar cookies that you bake up! Would you share them with us, please? While we would love it if you sent some to us, we’ll settle for seeing them on social media! Don’t forget to tag us!

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