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Ideal Egg Donor

By Eloise Drane on

2 minutes | Intended Parents

Ideal Egg Donor

Five Things That Will Make You an Ideal Egg Donor
Becoming an egg donor is a big decision! It’s a choice that will benefit you significantly in exchange for a minimal amount of our time, while also changing the world for a family in need.

Perhaps the biggest part of becoming an egg donor is meeting the requirements.
In general, these include:

  • Being between the ages of 18-30,
  • Be a non-smoker,
  • Be drug-free,
  • Be generally healthy,
  • Have a BMI of 28 or below,
  • Have regular periods,
  • Not on Depo-Provera birth control,
  • Willing to undergo physical, psychological, and medical screenings,
  • And be willing to be available for 3-6 months.

Pretty simple, right? So if those are the baseline requirements for any egg donor, what makes a GREAT egg donor? Here are our top five attributes that will make you an elite egg donor.

1. You’re Flexible
Being an egg donor means a lot of short-term notice. Once you’re ready to enter our database, you could be selected at any time. For some donors, selection can happen right away. For others, there could be weeks or months spent waiting. Once selected, however, you’ll need to have flexible availability that lines up with the intended parent's timeline. Having fewer blackout dates makes you a better candidate.

2. You’re Responsible
Part of your egg donation journey includes making and keeping a series of doctors’ appointments. It is important for your health, as well as for the health of the eggs that you will be donating, that you’re consistent and reliable about keeping these appointments. In addition, it’s important to take your medication at the same time every day. This can greatly impact your entire process, so it’s crucial that you’re dependable in your journey.

3. You Have Integrity
And by this, we mean that you need to be an honest, trustworthy person. Intended parents are putting a lot of faith and trust in your actions. The future of their family begins with you. Being a woman of integrity, a woman with high moral standards will make you an exceptional egg donor. You’ve been entrusted with a great responsibility as an egg donor, and it’s important to recognize that.

4. You Have Excellent Communication Skills
Communication is a large part of your journey, for many reasons. First, you’ll be more desirable to intended parents if you’re able to express yourself well in your written profile. Later, once you’ve been matched, doctors will rely on your communication about how you’re feeling to help monitor your health and progress through the cycle. Finally, we will depend on your communication with us as well. Being able to communicate easily will help you in all parts of your experience.

5. You’re Motivated by Compassion
We understand that the financial implications of egg donation are appealing. We understand that, and we won’t fault you for it. But the best egg donors are the ones that are motivated by the compassion to help others. Egg donation can be a long process, and it can be emotionally challenging. If you’re motivated by a deep desire to help others grow their family, you’re far more likely to have an enjoyable experience.

So, do you think that you could be an ideal egg donor? If so, we’d love to talk with you. Get started on your life empowering journey today, by clicking here.

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