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New Years Eve with the Kids

By Eloise Drane on

3 minutes | Family Time

We recently heard someone say that New Year’s Eve is a young person’s holiday – that parents are out of their prime for this one. Well! We simply couldn’t disagree more. While it is true that you’re likely out of the party scene that you may have once dominated, we love the idea of spending NYE with the kiddos. Here are six of our favorite ways to celebrate with the kids.

  1. BYOB
    It doesn’t stand for what you think it does. In this instance, it stands for Bring Your Own BABY! If you have little ones, why not invite other parents over for a big-time sleepover? Make a room that is kid-friendly and safe and let the kids enjoy the company of their peers. If the adults plan to consume adult beverages, be sure that you have enough sleeping space for moms and dads, too. This party can become a tradition that the kids look forward to just as much as the parents!
  2. New York New Years
    This one is great for families living on the west coast. Many young kids will want to stay up for midnight, but not have the stamina to do it quite yet. Why not celebrate the ball dropping on east coast time? You don’t even have to tell the kids that the timing is off! This gets young kids off to bed around 9 pm instead of 1 am, and leaves a little one-on-one time for mom and dad to enjoy the true New Year’s celebration.
  3. Go out!
    No one says that you have to stay inside. If you want to take the kids out on the town, we say the world is your oyster! Many family-friendly restaurants will have special events in the early evening targeted specifically towards families. A quick Google search should help you locate a few, but starting with family-friendly restaurants is a good start.
  4. Day Late & a Dollar Short
    If the kids are still young enough, this can be a real hoot! Waiting until New Year’s Day to celebrate New Year’s Eve is a thing! Not only does it allow you to get a sitter for the kids, maybe allowing mom and dad some time off, but it also allows you to hit the sales the day after and stock up on decorations on the cheap. Since kids aren’t exactly aware of days in the way that adults are, many won’t even realize that you’re late to the New Year’s party.
  5. Traditions
    As your kids get older, they may want to spend NYE without you. Nip this in the bud by making home a fun place filled with traditions that they look forward to. Maybe it’s a night that you all play specific board games until the wee hours. Maybe it’s a special meal that you make together. Maybe it’s a certain movie that you watch before the ball drops. Maybe it’s a specific restaurant that you visit. WHAT it is – is not nearly as important as the fact that you’re establishing a family identity and tradition that becomes beloved.
  6. Noon-Years
    If mom and dad really want to hit the town, do it. You can still celebrate NYE with the kids. It’s just as fun to make a big deal about and countdown to noon as it is to midnight.

Are you ready to get your celebration on? We’d love to be a part of it! Please share your NYE celebration family photos with us on social media! Just don’t forget to tag us!

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