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Our Thanksgiving Traditions - The Women of FI

By Eloise Drane on

2 minutes | Family Time

Sharon LaMothe
Of course, we do the big feast, but our actual tradition comes after the table has been cleared and the dishes have been done. There is usually a great movie out in theaters, so after the mid-day feast, we all pile into the car and digest our turkey dinner watching the big screen! Once it’s good and digested, we head back home for leftovers!

Eloise Drane
Founder, CEO
Thanksgiving is a production in my family. Of course, there are all sorts of other traditions, too, but the big one is the feast. We’re talking about at least four or five meat options and side dishes that go on for days. In fact, it often takes days to properly prep for the amount of food that is made. Maybe it’s not surprising, but the feast takes all day to pull off. That’s why we eat after 5 p.m. My family is huge and the house is always filled with so much life on Thanksgiving. It’s a day that I look forward to every year. For us, it’s all about big laughs and full bellies.

Linda Reyes
Egg Donor Program Manager
My family is huge – and we all get together. We have at least 2 turkeys, fried chicken, a whole stuffed fish, lasagna, a beef roast, a regular ham & a turkey ham. And that’s just the protein!! The side dishes and desserts can go on for days. There is so much food, in fact, that we begin food prep a few days ahead. There are staple dishes and staple cooks of those dishes, it’s tradition. For example − Aunt Phoebe’s Mac & Cheese, or Linda's gravy, or Cici's cookies. Everyone is known for something in our family; including who to leave the paper products & drink purchases to. Because they can't cook.

Jeni Lang
Family Advocate
I love to cook. You know the phrase, “The way to the heart is usually through the stomach?” Well, I have to believe that this is the truth. I love to cook, and I really enjoy hosting as well. I invite all my neighbors and friends and coworkers and whoever may be available to come join us for some fellowship and good food. It’s always a grand time, and anything but predictable!

Mandy Sorer
Communications & Events Manager
My family is ripe with traditions. We have more than I could possibly share in a single blog post, so I’ll limit myself to my favorite. Every year that I can remember, my family has done Black Friday. I remember going when I was still in training pants. I remember going the year I had double pink eye. I remember going the day my cousin was giving birth, too. Because traditions! The whole event kicks off with intricate route planning and deal mapping- starting at about noon on Thanksgiving Day. All of the ladies are early to bed, and even earlier to rise! Proud to say I’ve never missed a deal that I wanted to date. Knock on wood!

We want to hear all about your family traditions! Be sure to share them with us on social media. And who knows, we might just steal them!

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