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5 Thankful Crafts for Little Hands

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2 minutes | Family Time

Finding time for arts and crafts during this busy time of year is a challenge! But seasonal crafts are among the things that we always wind up putting in a box and keeping. The handprint turkeys become keepsakes of a special time in your family’s life, and your heart will forget how tiny your child’s hands were if you don’t create one. So, with that in mind, here are five Thanksgiving-themed crafts that are quick, simple, and super sentimental.

  1. Corn Husk Headbands
    This is about as cute as it gets. And at about $10-15 per craft, it’s an affordable way to make some adorable holiday pictures. To start, you’ll need to get some dried corn husks and craft headbands. The goal here is to paint the husks. While you can stick to fall themed colors, we like the idea of letting your child choose the colors that they like, no matter what they are. You’ll paint the husks, glue them to the plastic headband, and then take about 100 silly selfies.
  2. Gobble Puddin’
    This craft is a two-for-one deal. Not only do you wind up with an adorable, easy to make a craft, but it doubles as a yummy treat! Save them for appetizers on turkey day, give them away as gifts to neighbors, or pack them in your child’s school snack – the choices are endless! All you need is chocolate pudding, some googly eyes, a few pipe cleaners, and some construction paper.
  3. Homemade Birdseed Feeders
    This is a fall classic! Kids love it because it attracts wildlife right to their window. Plus, it’s simple to make. Just be sure to make it over a hard floor for easy cleanup. Or, if the weather allows, make it outdoors altogether. This project uses a round mold, but we’ve also seen this done with pine cones collected from around the neighborhood. Use lard as your sticking agent if you’re allergic to peanut butter, but we find that the peanut butter variety gets better results.
  4. Apple Core Centerpieces
    This one is great for the tiniest of hands. All you need is a toilet paper roll and a few red cupcake wrappers. Use a glue stick to affix the cupcake wrappers to the core. A Sharpie marker can draw in some seeds. These cute crafts work well as centerpieces for the big feast. We also like the idea of writing each family member’s name on an apple core, turning these into nameplates for the dinner table.
  5. Pumpkin Handprint
    We’ve all seen the turkey handprint. Here’s a new spin on the classic. You’ll still get to paint your child’s hand, an experience that makes them squeal and giggle! But paint it orange, and then put it inside of a pumpkin cutout. It’s a great way to mark the size of your tiny child’s hand.

We can’t wait to see how your crafts turn out! If you do one of our crafts, or even if you do one of your own, please share it with us on social media! We love seeing perfect projects, but if we are being honest, even Pinterest Fail worthy crafts make our day! So, share photos of them all!

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