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Can I Be A Surrogate As A Military Wife?

Becoming a gestational surrogate requires a considerable commitment. With that being
said, if there’s anyone who understand what it means to make a commitment, it’s a
military wife. If you’re the spouse of someone in the military, then you likely understand
what it takes to dedicate yourself to something important.

If you’re a military wife who is considering becoming a gestational carrier, you probably
have a number of questions. “Can military wives be surrogates?” “How does surrogacy
work if you’re a military family?” More specifically, you might also ask questions like,
“What if my spouse gets deployed?” or “Can I still be a surrogate if we get orders to

Having a spouse who is in the military does not automatically disqualify you from
becoming a surrogate. In fact, there are many qualities you may have as a military wife
that others may not that could make you a great candidate for surrogacy. As a military
wife, you are already accustomed to having to adapt to change and make selfless
sacrifices for the sake of your family. Plus, you understand dedicating yourself to
something that requires a long-term commitment.

Military Wives As Surrogates

Military wives have become surrogates for various reasons, including as a desire to help
others, for the financial compensation, and due to having strong sense of community
among military families.

Surrogacy can be a challenging process, and military wives often have a unique set of
skills and experiences that make them well-suited for surrogacy. They have a strong
support network within the military community, as well as a sense of duty and
responsibility that helps them navigate the physical and emotional demands of

However, surrogacy can also be a financial strain for military families, who may have
limited resources. Some military wives choose to become surrogates to help offset the
costs of living and support their families.

Additionally, military wives are often able to take advantage of the resources and
support available through military channels. For example, they may have access to
military-affiliated fertility clinics and may be able to receive benefits and support during
their pregnancy and after the birth of the child.

Before you begin your surrogacy journey, take some time to do some research on what
the surrogacy journey looks like and whether or not you’re ready. A spouse being
deployed does not automatically mean you cannot be a surrogate. However, it’s still
something you’ll want to keep in mind. Consider asking yourself:

  • Will I be able to take on the challenge of being a surrogate if my spouse suddenly is
  • Do I have the right people by my side to support me if my spouse has to leave?
  • Am I emotionally and mentally prepared to manage a pregnancy while my spouse is away?

Additionally, another requirement of surrogacy is that you have to be able to attend all of
your appointments throughout your surrogacy journey. Look into what your current
housing situation looks like, as well as what it will look like a year from now. If you know
in advance that you may be moving at any point during the surrogacy process, it may be
best to hold off beginning your journey until you’re completely settled in. Not only could
moving make it difficult for you to attend all of your appointments, it could create
problems within your contract, especially if you move out of the state.

Also, if there is a chance that your family may have to move to a different country, you
likely are not going to be able to become a surrogate. So, be sure to do some research
to see what the future may hold for you and your family before moving forward with

Why Military Wives Choose To Become Surrogates

Military spouses may choose to become gestational surrogates for a variety of reasons:

Difficulty Finding A Regular Job

Military spouses often face challenges in finding and maintaining stable employment due to frequent relocations and deployments. Surrogacy can provide a source of income for military spouses, allowing them to contribute to their household and support their families.

Financial Difficulties

Military life can be expensive, and many military families struggle to make ends meet. Surrogacy can provide a significant financial benefit for military spouses, helping them to meet their financial obligations and support their families.

Nomad Lifestyle

Military families are often required to move frequently, making it difficult to establish roots and build a sense of community. Surrogacy can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment for military spouses, as well as a source of connection and community with other military families who are pursuing surrogacy.

Giving Back

Many military wives feel a strong sense of duty and desire to give back to others. It’s in their nature! Becoming a surrogate can be a way for a military spouse to help a family in need and bring joy to others.

Personal Fulfillment

Surrogacy can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience for military wives. The opportunity allows them to help build a family, experience pregnancy and childbirth, and form a special bond with the intended parents, all of which can feel very fulfilling.

Sense Of Purpose

For some military wives, becoming a surrogate may be able to provide a sense of purpose and help them feel like they are making a difference in the world.

Strong Support Network

Military wives often have a strong sense of community, which can provide them with support and resources during the surrogacy journey.

It’s important to note that every military wife’s decision to become a surrogate is unique and can be influenced by a variety of factors. One person’s decision to become a surrogate as a military wife is just as valid as another, regardless of what is motivating that decision. You do you!

Why Military Spouses Are Considered Ideal Surrogates

Military wives make ideal candidates for gestational surrogacy. They have several qualities that make them great surrogate mothers. In a nutshell, a unique combination of independence, sense of community, and sense of duty make military wives excellent gestational surrogates. These qualities help them navigate the complexities of surrogacy and make decisions that are best for all parties involved.

Here are the main reasons why military spouses are ideal surrogates:

Military wives are known for their independence.

Military wives often have to take care of their families and homes while their spouses are deployed, and, as a result, they have developed a great sense of independence. This independence can be beneficial in navigating the complexities of surrogacy and making decisions that are best for all parties involved.

Military wives have a strong sense of community.

Many military wives are part of a tight- knit network of families that support each other through deployments, relocations, and other challenges. This sense of community can be helpful in finding support and resources during the surrogacy journey.

Military wives have a strong sense of duty.

Military wives understand the importance of serving others and putting other’s needs before their own. This selflessness can be beneficial in surrogacy, as a surrogate mother is responsible for carrying a child for someone else and putting the needs of the child and intended parents first.

Become A Surrogate with Family Inceptions

Once you’ve determined that there’s nothing stopping you as a military wife from becoming a surrogate, you can begin looking for a surrogacy agency to support you and match you with your prospective parents. Finding the right surrogacy agency can be difficult – there are so many to choose from!

As a military wife, you can try to find a surrogacy agency that has experience working with military families. At Family Inceptions, we have numerous success stories with
military wives as surrogates. We know that military wives face unique challenges, and we’re experts at helping you figure out how to make surrogacy work for you.

Once you’ve found the right surrogacy agency that will help support you as a military wife, you can begin the process of starting your surrogacy journey by submitting an application to become a gestational surrogate.

If you’re interested in becoming a gestational surrogate as a military wife, reach out to us. We can talk with you and help you decide if surrogacy as a military wife is right for you.

Interested in becoming a gestational surrogate? Check out our qualifications here.

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