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FAQ: Can I Be Registered To More Than One Agency or Clinic?

Once you’ve made the choice to become an egg donor, it’s normal and natural to feel empowered to surge forward. Many young women tell us that once they’ve made up their minds to do this − they’re ready to get the ball rolling and move forward as quickly as possible.

First of all, know that we love hearing this news! We love that you’re excited to help, and no one will fault you for wanting to get the ball rolling on your donation as quickly as possible.

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our donors at this point in their process is, “Can I register with more than one egg donation agency?”

In a word, the answer is yes.

Egg donor selection is a process that can take days, weeks, or even months. On top of that, many intended parents will search multiple egg donor databases while they’re seeking their perfect donor. It only makes sense for them to search multiple agencies and databases, and that’s why we feel like it’s only fair for you to have the freedom to be listed in more than one database.

There is just one exception to this allowance.

Once you’ve been selected, either from our database or from one of the others that you’ve chosen to work with in addition to ours, we ask that you commit to the process. At this point in your journey, the intended parents will begin investing money in your additional screening and clearance procedures. In addition, once you have a calendar and medication information, you won’t be able to accept matching requests from other parents. It is kind and ethical to let other agencies know that you’re no longer available once you’ve been selected and are actively moving towards your egg donation process.

If you have additional questions about applying to multiple egg donation agencies, our team is happy to chat with you. We want you to make the choices that are best for your journey, and we’re here to empower you to learn what those options are, and what is best for you.

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