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Family Inceptions Offers Quick Matching for Surrogates in 2021

We know that the road to becoming a surrogate can be a long one. You first have to apply and meet rigorous qualifications. You then have to begin the matching process, which can be very involved. And for good reason! After all, you want to help the family you are meant to help, and intended parents are looking for the exact right person to be their surrogate.

How Long Does It Take To Get Started

It can feel a bit like online dating – without the right system or set of criteria, matching with someone can feel like a never ending task!

We don’t want you to be stuck in matching limbo for months on end. That’s why we’ve spent years honing our matching process to ensure a perfect fit between our surrogates and intended parents. We’re extremely proud of our success rate, especially with getting our matches right the first time!

All told, a complete surrogacy journey with Family Inceptions lasts approximately 13-18 months, from your initial application to the delivery of a beautiful baby to new parents.

Intended parents are ready and waiting for you!

Many agencies or independent matching services suggest that it could take up to six months to match a surrogate with intended parents. At Family Inceptions, our matching period is typically one to three weeks once a surrogate has completed all of her pre-screening tasks. We have a long waiting list of intended parents who are ready to meet their perfect surrogate – they just need you to step up to the plate!

When you are approved to become a surrogate with us, we get to work right away matching you with the right family. Because we take our time to get to know both our IPs and our surrogates, we go into the matching period with a good idea of the family you may be right for.

We don’t just rely on our own intuition, of course! Through extensive interviews and questionnaires, we learn about your expectations, preferences, values, and needs you have for a successful surrogacy journey. We do the same with our intended parents.

Our outcomes have been very successful, resulting in hundreds of perfect matches and happy families.

Our surrogate screening process

At Family Inceptions, we take the screening process for our surrogates very seriously. After all, we have an obligation and a commitment to match our intended parents with the best, most qualified women possible.

You know as well as anyone, pregnancy and childbirth is not for the faint of heart. It requires emotional, physical, and spiritual strength unlike anything else. And when you’re carrying a child for another family, you need that strength more than ever.

Because it takes such a special soul to become a surrogate, our screening process is quite intense. We have rigorous standards and place honesty and transparency at the highest level of importance.

The time from your initial application to the start of your matching process can take several weeks. You’ll begin with a two-part application. First, we make sure you meet the minimum requirements to become a surrogate – we consider factors such as your age and general medical history. Then, you’ll answer questions to help us get to know you better – your personality, expectations, family background, etc.

Once you’ve passed the initial application, we’ll contact you within a few days to schedule a video or in-person interview. We want to get to know you as a person, and we want to hear about your hopes and motivations for becoming a surrogate. We’re not here to facilitate a transaction – we’re here to partner with and support you on this journey.

After the interview portion of the application process, you’ll move into the pre-screening phase. During this time, which typically lasts 3-4 weeks, you’ll undergo a medical and psychological screening. Your spouse or partner, if you have one, will also be screened by a mental health professional. We’ll evaluate your health insurance, pregnancy and health records, and we’ll conduct a home visit.

By the time our pre-screening process is complete, we’ll be ready to move forward to make your perfect match. Most of our surrogates have their match 1-3 weeks after all pre-screening tasks have been conducted.

How do the right parents find me?

You may be wondering, How do intended parents actually get to know me?

Above all else, honesty and transparency is key during the application process!

Think of your application as a sort of resume for intended parents. You’ll be asked many questions that don’t have easy answers – questions about your values, your outlook on life, and your expectations as a potential surrogate. It’s okay to take your time on these! Just be sure to answer from the heart. You are the exact right surrogate for your best-fit intended parents, and the authenticity in your application will make you stand out for them.


Are you ready to find your perfect match? Get started today!





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