Hosted By: Eloise Drane

Episode 13. Becoming a Surrogate: Do You REALLY Understand the Process?

August 14, 2020

In this episode of Fertility Cafe, we’re going to focus on the more complicated and emotionally charged surrogacy topics specifically relevant to your journey to become a surrogate: why your BMI is so important; the psychological evaluation and the role of mood stabilizing drugs; receipt of government assistance as a disqualifier; and even the topic of termination and selective reduction. 

Buckle up ladies – Eloise doesn’t sugar coat the truth, and this is going to be a bumpy ride!

  • It’s important to always remember your “why” in becoming a surrogate
  • Is your BMI too high or too low? Learn why clinics will not work with you… and it all has to do with hormones.
  • The dreaded psychological evaluation… it’s really not as scary as you think. 
  • Did you know you have to be off ALL mood stabilizing meds to be a surrogate?
  • How receiving Food Stamps or Medicaid may disqualify you from being a surrogate.
  • The truth about termination and selective reduction – Yes. We are going there.
  • The role of your support system in the surrogacy process, and why it is such a critical piece!

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