Ep 62 | The Overturning of Roe v Wade Impact On the Fertility Industry

September 20, 2022 | Episodes Fertility Interviews Season 4

In this episode of Fertility Cafe, we cover these questions and more about how Roe v Wade affects the different situations that people face when choosing to explore their fertility option.

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Ep 60 | Carrot Fertility: Employer Provider Benefits with Brooke Bartholomay Quinn

January 28, 2022 | Episodes Fertility Interviews

In this episode of Fertility Café, Eloise gets to talk with Brooke Quinn of Carrot Fertility about the inclusion of employee benefits that offer fertility care and family building support such as adoption and surrogacy.

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Ep 58 | Embryo Donation – From the Donor Perspective with Anna Flores Locke

January 14, 2022 | Episodes Fertility Interviews

On this episode of Fertility Café, Eloise gets to talk to Anna Flores Locke about her experience with embryo donation and her journey of infertility as a Latina woman. Anna struggled for years with infertility in isolation and heartbreak, not knowing where to turn.

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Ep 56 | Donor Conceived Children

December 31, 2021 | Episodes Interviews Most Recent Season 2

On today’s episode of Fertility Cafe, we explore everything you need to know about surrogacy for gay parents. With advancements in assisted reproductive technology and expanded access to family-building resources for the LGBTQ community, it’s fully possible for gay men to have their own biological children.

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Ep 55 | Surrogacy Psychological Screening with Angela Bethea-Walsh, Ph.D.

December 24, 2021 | Episodes Fertility Interviews Season 3

Dr. Bethea-Walsh talks about the psychological evaluations and mental health consultations which kick off a surrogacy journey.

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Ep 54 | Disparities in Fertility Care for Minority Populations with Dr. Tia Jackson-Bey

December 17, 2021 | Episodes Fertility Interviews Season 3

In this episode of Fertility Café, Eloise gets to talk with Dr. Tia Jackson-Bey to discuss disparities in fertility care in minority populations.

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