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Ep 13 | Understanding the Process As A Surrogate

Why is your BMI is so important when becoming a surrogate? Can I be a surrogate if I take an anti-depressant? Will I be disqualified because I receive food stamps or medicaid? In this episode, we focus on the more complicated and emotionally charged surrogacy topics specifically relevant to your journey to become a surrogate.

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Ep 12 | A Spouse’s Perspective on His Wife Being a Surrogate

You want to become a surrogate, but you’re wondering how to make sure your partner or spouse is on board with your decision? Eloise’s husband Anthony joins her to have an open, honest, and REAL discussion about a spouse’s reaction to his wife becoming a surrogate.

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Ep 03 | Black Women and Infertility With Dr. Monica

Why does fertility remain a taboo topic in the African American community? One of Atlanta’s top Reproductive Endocrinologists, Dr. Monica Best, shares her perspective

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