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Ep 16 | Fertility Benefits+Insurance Coverage-Advocate Davina Fankhauser

September 4, 2020

There are many costs associated with fertility treatment, pregnancy and eventually, the delivery of one (or more) children in the case of multiples. Whether it’s the in vitro process, your gestational surrogate’s care, or unexpected NICU costs, considering insurance coverage, what you have, what your surrogate has, and what you may need is highly recommended

With only thirteen states requiring insurance companies to cover infertility treatment, securing fertility benefits through your health insurance company is a hot topic. So where do you start in advocating for fertility benefits and coverage for infertility treatments? And how often do insurance companies agree to add the coverage?

In today’s episode, Eloise talks with Davina Fankhauser, a former fertility patient and the co-founder of the national non-profit Fertility Within Reach, which works to increase access to health benefits for fertility treatment and preservation.

  • How did Davina become an advocate in the world of infertility?
  • Which 13 states mandate IVF and fertility health insurance coverage?
  • If someone wants to approach their employer about adding insurance benefits for fertility treatments to the company insurance plan, what are the most important points to make?
  • Many people make the assumption that if their insurance plan doesn’t include fertility benefits, there is nothing they can do… but that’s not always the case. Learn how often insurance companies agree to cover infertility treatments.
  • Are insurance companies becoming more agreeable as the rate of infertility grows and the need for non-traditional family-building methods such as egg donation and surrogacy becomes more commonplace?
  • Davina walks us through the process of petitioning an insurance plan to cover fertility treatments.


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