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Ep 25 | Fresh Egg Donor Cycles


March 5, 2021
On today’s episode, we’re going to talk about what happens after an Intended Parent has finally found his or her ideal egg donor. Host Eloise Drane tells it like it is, setting realistic expectations, in hopes of warding off disappointment and frustration during the egg donor process.

The decisions, first to work with an egg donor and then who your donor will be, are huge and can be emotionally fraught. It can help to have a complete overview of the process, from start to finish, including all the potential delays and obstacles.

We’ll discuss topics including:

  • [3:32] The typical timeline for working with an egg donor, starting with selection of a donor all the way through retrieval.
  • [9:05] An overview of every possible delay you might experience during a fresh egg donor cycle.
  • [20:52] How will your donor be monitored during the medical phase, and what happens if something doesn’t go as expected?
  • [28:36] The debate between frozen vs. fresh cycles.
  • [30:08] What the live birth statistics tell us and why so many IPs still prefer fresh egg donor cycles despite it not being the fastest.

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