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Ep 31 | What I Wish I Knew As A Surrogate


April 16, 2021

Everything you never knew you needed to know about surrogacy! On this week’s episode, we’re spilling the tea on all the strange facts, surprising details, and interesting tidbits about surrogacy. We asked our surrogates, past and present, our staff, and our buddies in the field to share what they wish they knew before beginning a surrogacy journey.

From what not to do during the application process (hint: don’t assume a particular answer will disqualify you!) to the surprisingly common “crying husband” phenomenon on delivery day…it’s all on the table!

We’ll discuss topics including:

  • How long the screening process really takes…and how to be choosy about the agency you work with.
  • The fact that this is YOUR journey too, and you are choosing your IPs just as much as they are choosing you.
  • Why surrogacy isn’t just another side hustle plus what you can expect to receive for compensation.
  • Why you might need to dust off that high school biology book (or just have google handy for all the fertility clinic meetings. Hey Siri, what’s an oocyte?)
  • The reason why kids seem to “get it” more easily than grownups, plus how to field silly-yet-common questions like “Will the baby have your curly hair?”

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