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Ep 45 | When Third-Party Goes Wrong


October 15, 2021

In today’s episode, host Eloise Drane tells several tales of third-party reproduction gone wrong. With over two decades of experience in the infertility industry, Eloise often feels like she’s seen it all! And yet, every once in awhile stories come across her news feed that have the power to surprise her.

Eloise looks at a variety of situations, from clinic equipment malfunctions to questionable actions on the part of doctors and surrogates. She examines what went wrong in each situation, and most importantly, what we can learn from it to prevent these mishaps from occurring in the future.

Eloise covers questions and topics such as:

  • Why ethical, standardized practices are so important in third-party reproduction, and what can happen when the media and vocal opponents of it get their hands on sensational news stories
  • Current regulations (or lack thereof) on fertility clinics in the United States, and how that can lead to terrible equipment malfunctions and loss of embryos
  • How to vet a fertility clinic, their staff, their lab, and their safety protocols so you can avoid potential disaster
  • The bizarre tale of an IVF mix up over a decade ago, and how two couples became tangled in an unexpected blended family tree
  • The strange yet shockingly not uncommon practice of doctors using their own sperm to help patients get pregnant – a look throughout history, from the 1880s to today
  • How a surrogate became pregnant with two babies, each with different biological parents – her own, and the intended parents who contracted with her to be their surrogate
  • The takeaway – weighing the risk of third party reproduction mishaps vs the outcome for potential parents


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