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Ep 47 | Paying for Fertility Care


October 29, 2021
Join host Eloise Drane for an honest look at the financial side of fertility. It’s not always easy having a baby. Millions of people struggle with their fertility for a variety of reasons, and while technology and medicine have advanced to make parenthood possible for nearly anyone, it still remains inaccessible to a lot of intended parents because of the cost.

Fertility care and third-party reproduction can be very costly, but there are ways to make it more affordable. Eloise will shed some light on important issues including:

  • How much fertility care & third-party reproduction really costs, from medication to complex medical procedures
  • Factors that can increase or decrease the cost of IVF
  • The types of expenses you can expect with surrogacy
  • How to find out what, if anything, your health insurance will cover
  • How optional fertility insurance works, and why it’s an important benefit more employers should offer
  • Tips for lowering the cost of fertility care without using insurance
  • Options for financing, including fertility-specific loans and personal lines of credit
  • Creative fundraising ideas to boost your fertility savings


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