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Guest Speaker: Jason Smith

Ep 50 | Fertility Insurance with Jason Smith


November 19, 2021

In this episode of Fertility Café, Eloise gets to talk with Jason Smith, the Founder and President of International Fertility Insurance. He and his team now provide hopeful parents, as well as agencies, with the solutions required—with unparalleled service. We dive into what surrogates and intended parents should look out for with insurance plans, and how to ensure adequate coverage throughout the entire pregnancy.

Jason Smith is the Founder and President of International Fertility Insurance (IFI), a leading provider of insurance and services to cover surrogacy and egg donation. Jason is a frequent speaker to the surrogacy industry on the insurance options for a surrogacy journey. Jason’s passion for insurance for third-party reproduction and surrogacy started with his own personal struggle with fertility. Jason experienced firsthand fertility treatment, early labor, medically ordered bed rest, and the NICU. Prior to launching IFI, Jason had been providing insurance and financial solutions since 2008, matching insurance to the surrogacy journey since 2014. Jason’s top focal points are high-touch customer service and providing an abundance of education for Intended Parents, Agencies, Attorneys, and Fertility Clinics.

In this episode, Eloise and Jason talk about:

  • Understanding insurance plans and policies for surrogates
  • What people should look out for with different plans and policies
  • What a lot of international people don’t understand about how insurance policies work in America
  • The pros & cons of different insurance plans and how to make sure you’re always protected


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