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Guest Speaker: Dr. Hala Sabry

Ep 52 | Women with Demanding Careers With Dr. Hala Sabry


December 3, 2021

Episode Summary

In this episode of Fertility Café, we get to talk about a topic with a very special guest: fertility journeys for women with demanding careers. Every fertility journey is a process of getting to know ourselves. A process where new fears, doubts, and unknowns pop up that we didn’t know we had until now. The stress of wanting to grow a family while maintaining a career can add to the difficulty. That desire to build our family is there no matter our job, our gender identity, our economic status, or our fertility status. Our guest today has shared her IVF journey with the world in the hopes that others will see it as normal and know that they are not alone in this.

Eloise talks with Hala Sabry who reminds us of that and to help us navigate the process as well as life, career, caring for small children during what is likely the most emotional time in our life.

Guest Bio

Dr. Hala Sabry is a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physician, the founder of Physician Moms Group (PMG), IVF patient and a super mom of five—with two sets of twins!

Being a mother of five has given Hala a unique expertise and skill set to help other parents in the medical field. After years of infertility, she found that balancing motherhood and a career in medicine was challenging.

She frequently fought through fear, negative self-talk, and a recurring desire to quit her job in medicine, and she knew other mothers and physicians must have experienced the same struggles. She attributes having a solid support system (PMG) and life coaching in helping her manage her thoughts and reaffirm her “why.”

In this episode, Eloise and Hala talk about:

  • What it was like to secretly go through multiple rounds of IVF while balancing a demanding career
  • Bosses, coworkers and patients passing judgement through her pregnancies
  • Why we can’t take it personally when certain relationships end while we’re on this journey
  • The importance of understanding and building a lasting legacy for yourself


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