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Guest Speaker: Dr. Diane Tober

Ep 68 | The Dark Side of Surrogacy & Egg Donation


November 1, 2022

Episode Summary

We would like to think of the fertility journey as all happiness, love, and bringing beautiful new life into this world. But the fact is that there is a dark side of legal issues, persistent medical effects, and emotional distress that many donors and surrogates don’t know about before agreeing to donate or carry for IPs. In this episode, we talked to Diane Tober, Medical Anthropologist and Researcher at UCSF about her research and what issues she has seen as most prevalent within the dark side of the industry.

Guest Bio

Dr. Diane Tober

Dr. Diane Tober is a medical anthropologist and associate professor at the University of Alabama. She is author of the book, Romancing the Sperm: Shifting Biopolitics and the Making of Modern Families. For the past several years, with funding from the National Science Foundation, she has been conducting research on egg donation in the United States and Spain.


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