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Episode 81 Transcript

Ep 81 Transcript | Welcome to Season 5


Welcome to fertility cafe, the home for every conversation exploring alternative family building through IVF, surrogacy, egg, sperm and embryo donation. Our host Eloise Drane, alternates episodes between educational shows covering specific topics and guest narratives for further insight. For a mastery understanding and confidence in all things alternative family, subscribe to fertility cafe.


Welcome to the first episode of season five, I’m Eloise Drane, host of fertility cafe. I’m excited to share what you can expect for the season, which is a huge milestone because we will reach our 100th episode. In this season, we’ll be focusing on empowerment and advocacy for everyone involved in the family building journey including surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents. Highlighting national infertility Awareness Week. 2023 is the perfect way to kick the season off because it’s all about raising awareness about infertility, and the hurdles people face when seeking treatment. With all the misinformation and stigma out there, it’s time we take control of the narrative. And I Aw 2023 is an excellent way to open up dialogues and spread accurate information. So we as a society can have conversations about what people are going through, and what we can do to improve their family building journey. In season five, we dive deep into issues and barriers, such as the stigma of infertility being a woman’s issue, the lack of awareness and causes of male infertility, insurance barriers and financial barriers. How does your mindset around your fertility affect third party reproduction processes and relationships? When infertility treatment doesn’t work out how your environment impacts your fertility. We’ll highlight the importance of having a supportive community. We’ll be covering how to talk to your family about becoming a surrogate firsthand stories from same sex male intended parents and what it’s really like for intended parents. The underlying theme that resonates throughout season five is What does self advocacy look like? It’s about you claiming ownership of your experience and your journey and doing everything you can to be your own advocate from learning the news that you have infertility issues, beginning to cope with it and exploring resources, leaving victimhood behind and embracing empowerment, advocating for health care coverage, advocating for legislation. We’ll also discuss what resources are available to you independent versus agency managed journeys, what you need to know what is the like to go through your own independent surrogacy journey? What is it like to work with an agency? What are the pros and cons of both sides? How does one go about deciding which journey is right for him or her or them? What to look for in a good clinic? what to ask? How intended parents can be their own advocate, especially in situations where they think they’re at the mercy of the professionals in the industry will highlight grants like the gift of surrogacy foundation, that covers the full cost of surrogacy? We’ll explore other options out there for people struggling to pay for a surrogacy journey, and what in the industry needs to change to make having a family more accessible? And that hotly anticipated 100th Episode The Future of fertility. As fertility Cafe hits this milestone, we’re going ahead to the future of the show the future of the industry and the future of humanity’s fertility as a whole. What challenges are we currently facing? And how will they evolve over time? When new challenges do we anticipate on the horizon? How will changes in fertility on such a massive scale affects society, culture and the way the world views third party reproduction, and what science or technology needs to be advanced in order for us to experience true, impactful change that scalable? We’ll be covering all of these important topics and more in season five of fertility cafe. So join me for all of the episodes to come by subscribing to fertility cafe, on your favorite listening platform. Thank you so much for joining me today. Remember, love has no limits. Neither should parenthood.