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Guest Speaker: Arvis Carmichael-Smith

Ep 87 | When Fertility Treatment Doesn’t Work: Arvis Carmichael-Smith Tells Her Story


May 23, 2023

Episode Summary

In this episode, I interview Arvis Carmichael-Smith who gets raw and real about the emotional trials and tribulations of struggling with infertility and third-party reproduction for over 20 years. She shares some of the medical struggles she has gone through and how she learned to advocate for her mental and physical health along the way. She also talks about the ups and downs of all she and her husband Martin have experienced in their quest to create the family they have so longed for. It’s a testament to their faith as well as their devotion to each other that they have stayed the course and are still hopeful, even as Arvis turns 50, that their family-building journey is not over yet.

Guest Bio

Arvis Carmichael-Smith

Arvis is a former veterinary hospital director whose passion for teaching and nurturing kids sparked a career pivot to teaching middle school. She is an advocate for children, animals, and the elderly. She also loves hiking, nature walks, and travel. Arvis lives in Hampton, Georgia with her husband of 23 years, Martin Smith.


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