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Ep 14 | A Five-Time Gestational Surrogate Tells Her Story

August 21, 2020

You’ve been thinking about becoming a gestational surrogate for a while now. For months, maybe even years, you’ve thought about what it would be like to give someone the precious gift of motherhood or fatherhood. It’s been weighing on your heart. So what’s stopping you from pursing your calling?

In this week’s episode, Eloise talks with 5-time surrogate Rebekah Hills about the highs and not-so-highs of surrogacy. This episode is a must-listen for any woman thinking about being a surrogate, or any IP who wonders what goes through the GCs mind throughout the journey.


  • Rebekah is a mom of two, avid foodie and food blogger, full-time professional – so what made her want to take on surrogacy?
  • Independent surrogacy vs. surrogacy with an agency vs. surrogacy with a law firm: Rebekah has done it all! How does each journey compare and which does she prefer?
  • As a surrogate, you should have as much of a say in choosing your IPs as they have in choosing you. So what does Rebekah look for in her intended parents, and what are some red flags to watch out for?

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