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Ep 02 | Surrogacy: When It Takes a Village To Start a Family


February 20, 2020

The surrogacy journey doesn’t look the same for every person or every couple. The experience will be as unique as you are, and YOU are ultimately in control on how your surrogacy journey unfolds. So what are your options to become a parent-via-surrogacy or a gestational surrogate yourself? 

If you are an intended parent, one of the biggest questions is: How long with the surrogacy process take? In general, the surrogacy process could take up to 15-18 months. Of course, this time frame can vary greatly depending on your circumstances. And if you need to find an egg or sperm donor or create embryos, this may add an additional 3-4 months to the process. The bottom line is that surrogacy is not a quick process. But, up ‘til this point, has anything in your journey to parenthood been quick?

Are you a mother already, and want to make the bold step to become a gestational surrogate? Taking on something as serious as bringing another human being into the world as a gestational surrogate may be one of the most life altering and altruistic gifts a woman could do for another. Keep in mind – just because you want to become a surrogate, doesn’t mean you will qualify. There are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration. Candidates are evaluated on their age, medical history, financial independence, location, their thoughts on termination and even their desire for contact and communication. 

Pull up a chair and let’s talk surrogacy: what it is, how to get started, the cost of surrogacy, the professionals you need in your village, and the top qualities of successful surrogates in this second episode of Fertility Café.

Here’s a sneak peek at the episode:

  • (03:48) Let’s lay the foundation including the history of modern-day surrogacy and common terms you’ll come across in your journey.
  • (07:37) There are many different types of surrogacy. Which one makes sense for you? I’ll discuss traditional surrogacy vs. gestational surrogacy, as well as compassionate vs. compensated surrogacy.
  • (10:26) Sharing my insider knowledge with a step-by-step explanation of the surrogacy process
  • (21:00) The cost of surrogacy, how to plan your surrogacy budget, and other considerations for intended parents
  • (25:14) Would you make a great surrogate? I review the qualifications you must meet, plus the top 9 characteristics of an ideal surrogate.

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