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How’s the (Third-Party) Family?

With all it’s taken to create the family you’ve wanted, the last thing you need is something else to fret about. But it’s also normal to worry that you and yours might have difficulties because of how you built your brood.

Some may fear that the usual stress of infertility could be compounded by the introduction of a third-party into the picture. It only makes sense – this is especially true when the resulting child is genetically linked to only one parent, as in the case of using the husband’s semen with a donor’s egg in IVF.

In 2012, a study was published that looked at marital stability and family quality over time. The news is good! Like this example from their findings: “Those parents who conceived a child using donated spermatozoa, donor eggs or those parents who had used a surrogate were just as likely to remain married/cohabiting after 10 years as those couples who conceived naturally.”

The researchers also discussed how “few differences emerged” when they compared the different families based on types of reproductive treatment used. They concluded that in all of the groups, couples “appeared to be functioning well.”

There are a lot of valuable resources that can help guide you through all the relationship aspects of third-party reproduction. In addition to websites, books, and support groups, we recommend couples consider using one or more of the many compassionate and experienced professionals – like us – who can hear your concerns, offer tried-and-true tips when warranted, and maybe take some of the worry out of your journey. We know you’ll be just fine.

We have a resource page on our website that is full of information to assist you. Please visit Resources and access tons of information.

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