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International Surrogacy For Australians – Become A Parent Through US Surrogacy

Starting a family is a dream for many couples in Australia. Individuals also dream of becoming a parent, even though parenting is traditionally viewed as a role for two people.

Unfortunately, many things can prevent someone from having a child. However, Australians who find themselves in this position still have the opportunity to start a family through international surrogacy.

What Is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a process where a surrogate mother (also called a gestational carrier) gives birth to a baby for the intended parents (or an individual parent). Couples that can’t give birth to a child for whatever reason often turn to surrogacy to start a family. Once the child is born, the surrogate transfers their parental rights to the intended parents.

In traditional surrogacy, also known as genetic surrogacy, the surrogate mother’s egg is combined with the intended father’s sperm. As such, the surrogate mother is technically the child’s biological mother.

However, modern science has resulted in the possibility of gestational surrogacy, which occurs when the surrogate mother carries another woman’s egg. This egg can originate from the intended mother or an egg donor, and is implanted using in vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques.

Unfortunately, many things can prevent someone from having a child. However, Australians who find themselves in this position still have the opportunity to start a family through international surrogacy.

What Is International Surrogacy?

International surrogacy is when intended parents from one country work with a surrogate mother in a different country. The primary reason intended parents choose international surrogacy is that surrogacy may not be legal in their own country but it may be legal to use an international surrogate.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost In The US?

Surrogacy in the US is not cheap. The average cost of using a surrogacy agency in the US ranges anywhere from $125,000 to $200,000. However, this covers a wide range of expenses throughout the surrogacy journey.

It’s worth pointing out that you’re paying to ensure you get matched with a healthy surrogate and that the surrogate will be properly taken care of throughout the surrogacy process.

The fact that the surrogate (and the baby) will have access to the best medical care in the world is arguably worth the cost alone. You’re paying for peace of mind, safety, and convenience since the agency will make sure that you’re legally compliant in the US as well as Australia.

Also included in this price are the following:

  • Compensation for the surrogate mother
  • Surrogacy agency fees
  • Legal fees
  • Medical screening fees
  • Medication fees
  • Embryo transfer fees
  • Prenatal and delivery costs
  • Surrogate travel costs
  • And more

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost In Australia?

Upon seeing the cost of international surrogacy in the US, you might wonder if there is a cheaper option. There are cheaper options, but there are availability, quality, and legal barriers to these options.

Altruistic surrogacy is a cheaper option. This occurs when the surrogate mother volunteers to be a surrogate for free. However, you are going to have a tough time finding someone willing to become a surrogate for nine months without some form of compensation.

Commercial surrogacy is another option, where someone agrees to become a surrogate in return for compensation. However, this is illegal in Australia – you cannot pay someone to become a surrogate for you.

This leaves international surrogacy, which has many benefits and may be the most accessible option for parents wanting to start a family.

Why Choose A US Agency For Overseas Surrogacy?

There are only a handful of countries where surrogacy – and, more importantly, international surrogacy – is legal. These countries include the US, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, and Georgia.

However, when comparing healthcare infrastructure, among other things, you’ll find that the US is easily the best option for overseas surrogacy.

Here are a few reasons:

The US Is A World Leader In Surrogacy

Most countries that allow surrogacy do not have the same access to advanced surrogacy technology and medical practices as the US. The US has an excellent healthcare system and a lot of money is invested into surrogacy research and advancement. As a result, the surrogate will have access to top-level healthcare throughout their pregnancy.

Using a surrogate in the US will significantly improve the chances of surrogacy being successful.

Safe Surrogacy Process For International Intended Parents

US surrogacy agencies go to great lengths to qualify their surrogates. They must pass rigorous physical and psychological screenings. The screening process also includes a criminal background check, drug testing, and a review of the personal and family medical history.

Choosing a US agency helps ensure that your money will be in safe hands. Businesses in the US are heavily regulated and consumers have a lot of protection. Surrogate agencies are also heavily backed by major financial institutions, which means that they tend to be financially stable.

Most States Have Surrogacy-Friendly Laws

Most states in the US have their own laws regarding surrogacy since there are no federal laws. Although some states have heavy restrictions concerning surrogacy, most states are surrogacy-friendly.

Exploring Your Options As Intended Parents

If you’re looking to grow your family in Australia through international surrogacy, then working with a US surrogacy agency is, without a doubt, your best option. If you have any questions or concerns about the surrogacy costs or laws in the US or the surrogacy process in general, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with us today.

Excellence With Helping Our Clients

There are many international surrogacy agencies in the US, however you’ll find few that have the stellar reputation we have at Family Inceptions.

We are known for working closely with everyone involved in the surrogacy process, from the intended parents to the surrogate mother, to ensure everyone is informed, comfortable, and feels safe.

Our experience and expertise also allow us to help with the following:

Legalities And International Arrangements

At Family Inceptions, we provide legal support to our intended parents. Our expertise as an international surrogacy agency means that we can help you stay compliant with both the state laws in the US and Australian laws. We can assist with all necessary legal and international arrangements so that you can bring your baby home as soon as possible.

Parentage Transfer

With our legal support, we can help with the parentage transfer. Once the baby is born, we will help with the documentation required to transfer parental rights from the surrogate mother to you (which we can do through either a pre-birth order or a post-birth order).

US Citizenship And Obtaining A US Passport

Anyone born on US soil is considered a US citizen. We will help you obtain a US passport for your baby so that you can bring your child home to Australia as soon as possible.

Red Flags To Watch Out For When Choosing An Agency

We always recommend comparing various surrogacy agencies in the US to find the right one for you. However, be sure to look out for the following warning signs that may indicate the agency isn’t a good fit:

  1. The agency doesn’t have an online presence, such as a website or up-to-date social media profiles.
  2. The agency doesn’t feel welcoming or friendly.
  3. The agency won’t or can’t answer all of your questions about the surrogacy journey.
  4. The agency can’t prove their experience.
  5. The agency treats you like a potential sale.
  6. The agency pressures you into choosing a surrogate you’re not comfortable with.

Work With A Surrogacy Agency You Can Trust

It’s important to choose a surrogacy agency that you can trust. After all, surrogacy is an intensive nine-month journey to becoming a parent. You need an agency that will support you every step of the way, and that’s exactly what we do here at Family Inceptions.

Surrogacy For Intended Parents

We know it’s a big step to decide to grow your family using a surrogate. As such, we do everything that we can to meet your needs. We make sure you are informed about the process, that we find a strong match between you and the surrogate, and that you have the legal and emotional support that you need.

We are here to help parents achieve their dream of becoming a family.

Our Surrogates Are Our Family

Women who choose to be surrogates are extremely generous and kindhearted. They truly want to help parents who can’t have a baby themselves. As such, we do everything we can to take the best possible care of our surrogates.

We manage the legal, financial, and medical aspects of the surrogacy journey to make the surrogacy process as stress-free and as comfortable as possible.

Our Egg Donors Are Selfless Individuals

Women who are egg donors are incredibly selfless. These donors are giving a part of themselves to help others feel whole. We take pride to ensure that our egg donors are well informed about the donation process and are fairly compensated.

Book A Free Consultation

If you are looking to grow your family in Australia through international surrogacy, be sure to start your journey by booking a free consultation with us at Family Inceptions. We can answer any questions or address any concerns about the cost, legalities, and the general process of surrogacy.

We are ready to help you welcome your baby in Australia through US surrogacy.