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International Surrogacy In Spain – Become A Parent Through US Surrogacy

Spain has some of the most restrictive surrogacy laws in Europe. Couples or individuals living in Spain who are thinking about having a child through surrogacy should consider choosing international surrogacy. The US is the best place in the world for international surrogacy. Reputable surrogacy agencies in the US can help connect you with the perfect surrogate.

The Challenges Of Surrogacy In Spain

Surrogacy is illegal in Spain. All surrogacy contracts within Spain are considered legally void under the Assisted Reproduction Act. As a result, couples and individuals who want to have a child through a surrogate are turning to international surrogacy.

International Surrogacy As
An Option

International surrogacy has become very popular in Spain over the past few years. Although using a surrogate within Spain is illegal, using an international surrogate is not. However, it is a complicated process to find a suitable international surrogate.

In many countries where surrogacy is legal, such as Portugal and the UK, there are stringent regulations regarding surrogacy. Moreover, in some European countries, international surrogacy is illegal.

As a result, many Spanish couples and individuals have turned to countries like Georgia and Ukraine to find surrogates. Not only is surrogacy legal in those countries, but there are fewer restrictions and the cost of using a surrogate is relatively low.

However, the Spanish government is cracking down on surrogacies from countries like these (especially Ukraine) due to medical malpractice and human trafficking concerns. These are valid concerns, which is why you should carefully consider what country you plan your surrogacy in if you choose international surrogacy.

Why Is A US Agency The Right Choice For International Surrogacy?

If you are planning an international surrogacy, then you should strongly consider a US agency.

Surrogacy is legal in most US states. While some states have tighter restrictions than others, the majority of states in the US are surrogacy-friendly.

The following are some of the primary reasons to consider using a US agency to plan an international surrogacy.

  • The surrogacy process is safe: US surrogacy agencies go to great lengths to qualify their surrogates. Surrogates must pass rigorous physical and psychological screenings.Doing so helps ensure the baby is as healthy as possible and that the surrogate mother is as safe as possible throughout the surrogacy journey. Using a surrogate in the US will significantly improve the chances of surrogacy being successful.
  • Your money will be safe: Working with a US agency minimizes the financial risk of the surrogacy process since most reputable surrogacy agencies work with approved escrow companies.
  • The US is a global leader in surrogacy: The US is highly regarded throughout the world when it comes to surrogacy. Most countries that allow surrogacy do not have the same access to advanced surrogacy technology and medical practices as the US. The US invests a lot of time and resources into surrogacy research and advancement.When you choose a US surrogacy agency, both you and the surrogate will be in safe hands.
  • Most states in the US have surrogacy-friendly laws: There are no federal laws governing surrogacy in the US.However, there are state laws that vary from state to state. Most states allow surrogacy, although there are some states where there are major legal hurdles for surrogacy or where surrogacy isn’t legal. A supportive US surrogacy agency can help you find a surrogate in a state that is surrogacy-friendly.

When Choosing An Agency, Watch Out For These Warning Signs

If you’re planning a US surrogacy, then you’re much less likely to encounter a disreputable agency than you might in other countries. However, that doesn’t mean that all surrogacy agencies in the US are of the same quality.

The following are six warning signs that you should look for when comparing agencies in the US. If you identify any of these signs when looking at an agency, be wary about their services.

  • Sign #1: No internet presence, website, or social media accounts.
  • Sign #2: Feels unwelcoming or unfriendly.
  • Sign #3: Evades all of your questions about the journey of surrogacy.
  • Sign #4: Cannot provide proof of their experience.
  • Sign #5: You feel like a statistic.
  • Sign #6: You feel forced into a match with a surrogate.

We always recommend comparing various surrogacy agencies in the US to find the right one for you. It is important to find an agency that is transparent about the surrogacy process and has significant international surrogacy experience and expertise.

Discovering Your Options For International Surrogacy

International surrogacy is a great option for Spanish couples or individuals, especially if you are considering surrogacy in the US.

If you have any questions about the surrogacy process, from the legalities to the costs, reach out to our friendly team at Family Inceptions. We can answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. Let us help you begin making your surrogacy plans today.

Years Of Excellence With Helping Our Clients

Here at Family Inceptions, our goal is to help create families. We aim to support everybody involved, which means we go the extra mile to empower parents, surrogate mothers, and donors alike. We make sure that everyone involved has the information they need to make informed and educated decisions.

We also understand that international surrogacy can be more challenging due to its legal nature. We have experience and expertise dealing with both US and foreign laws regarding surrogacy and, as such, can help with the following:

  • Legalities and international arrangements: Different countries have different surrogacy laws. We have helped countless couples and individuals throughout the world. We are familiar with Spain’s laws and requirements regarding international surrogacy.

    We will ensure that everything is done by the book so that your US surrogacy is accepted in your country.

  • Parentage transfer: Once the baby is born, a parentage transfer must be completed between the surrogate mother and the new parents. We will ensure the parentage transfer is completed according to both US and Spanish laws to ensure that you are recognized as the baby’s legal parents.
  • US citizenship and obtaining a US passport: Because the birth is on US soil, your baby will be a natural-born US citizen. As such, we can help secure a US passport for your baby, which means that you will be able to take your baby home soon after birth.

Find A Surrogacy Agency You Can Trust

Choosing a surrogacy agency that you can trust and that cares about your needs is critical to the process. At Family Inceptions, we have strict selection criteria and we screen our surrogates extensively to ensure that we find the best match for you. We are happy to answer any questions you have and guide you through the entire process.

We are always transparent about what we do here at Family Inceptions and strive to get the best outcome for you.

Our Goal Is To Help Intended Parents Like You

Here at Family Inceptions, we firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to build a family. We help parents fulfill their dreams of having a child. We support couples and individuals alike, no matter their race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.

We strive to make the process of international surrogacy as painless and as stress-free as possible and will support you however we can throughout the entire process.

Our Surrogates Receive Our Utmost Care

Our surrogates are truly looking to make a difference in another person’s life. As such, we take great care to carefully select and screen our surrogates – not just for the sake of the parents, but for the surrogate as well.

We manage the legal, financial, and medical aspects of the surrogacy journey to make the surrogacy process as stress-free as possible. We also understand how stressful and emotional carrying a child can be, so we perform thorough psychological screenings and support our surrogates however they need.

Our Egg Donors Are Generous

Our egg donors are vital to the surrogacy process, and we have incredible respect for anyone who chooses to become an egg donor. After all, they are willing to give a small piece of themselves to make others feel whole.

Like our surrogates, our egg donors have a genuine desire to impact the lives of others, which is why we have focused on making the egg donation process as safe and easy as possible.

Book Your Free Consultation Today

When choosing a surrogacy agency in the US, make sure that they not only have the legal experience and expertise required for such a process, but that they also take care of the parents, surrogates, and egg donors that they work with.

If you are currently residing in Spain and are thinking about international surrogacy through the US, book a free consultation with us to discuss your options. Just fill out the form to schedule an appointment and begin your journey to parenthood today!

We can help you start a family in Spain through US surrogacy.