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Find an Egg Donor in West Virginia

It would be our pleasure to assist you in fulfilling your dream of building a family.

Having courage, compassion, and competence

We understand how important it is to find the right egg donor at Family Inceptions. Egg donors are carefully selected based on more than just health history, ethnicity, and religion. We screen our donors extensively. A good match should share your values and commit to your family’s journey.
When it comes to family-building plans, you deserve the best. Our egg donors are more than willing to assist you.

We only accept 2% of the applications we receive from egg donors – to make your emotional and financial investment worthwhile.

Beyond The Basics

Our vetting process is designed to not only collect the primary demographic data of our egg donors (such as age, location, cultural and religious beliefs, education, and physical attributes) but they are also assessed on their:
Our egg donors are ready to assist you in starting a family! We are passionate about taking part in building families.

Your Dreams Of Holding A Baby In Your Arms Is Possible

Egg donors know how important it is to help you start a family. It’s women like these who will do everything they can to fulfill your parental dream. A high level of screening is carried out when selecting egg donors. When choosing them, we carefully review their qualities, professional skills, and motivation for the journey.
We guide and support our intended parents every step of the way. We make our process simple and predictable, so you know exactly when things will happen.

Got questions? We are here to answer them for you!

It’s important to understand the various types of egg donation so that you can find an egg donor who is on the same page with you. There are 3 types of egg donation:

  • Anonymous – No identifying information is provided to either party.
  • Semi-anonymous – Typically only a limited amount of information is shared. You can speak to each other on the phone or via Skype, but no identifying information is shared. All parties must agree to this type of communication.
  • Open Donation – Each party has met each other personally, and there is an open contact. All parties must agree to this type of communication.
Yes. You will have access to the complete donor profile prior to choosing your donor.
The privacy and protection of our intended parents and donors are of the utmost importance at Family Inceptions. We never share private details.
Each donor relationship is different. You and your donor can choose from an Anonymous donation, where no identifying information is shared with each other, to an Open donation, with fully transparent and open communication between the intended parents and donor, to something in-between with some communication and contact. Ultimately, the privacy and protection of our intended parents and donors is of the utmost importance at Family Inceptions. We will never share private details without your permission.

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