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Own Your Journey as an Intended Parent

Remember back in high school, when all you wanted to do was fit in? Same hair. Same clothes. Same mannerisms. We were clones of our clique, and life was good. Then came a time – typically in college – when we started to live and breathe our independence. Being different was suddenly acceptable. We were on the hunt for what made us unique – what set us apart from the crowd. You start thinking about your personal strengths and weaknesses. What brings you joy and what breaks your heart. And you begin living your own life. Your own journey.

A fertility journey is very similar. You start out just like everyone else – trying to make babies the old fashioned way. You read all the blogs, follow all the experts, listen to advice from all your friends. You work hard to fit into the ‘norm’. Or maybe you jumped right into IVF due to known obstacles, such as PCOS. Again, you follow someone else’s lead, take everyone else’s advice – if it worked for them, of course it will work for me! Until it doesn’t.

Time for a major change in course. Time to forge your own path. Time to start a new journey.

Just like back in college when we stepped out of the status quo and into our independence, you’ve reached a fork in the road when it comes to your fertility. You can continue following the advice of others, and pushing forward with more meds, more procedures, more heartbreak. Or you can do something different – something that makes sense for YOU and your personal situation.

The decision to pursue surrogacy is a bold move. But it’s a move you’re not making without months of weighing of the pros and cons, researching the risks, and contemplating the ‘what if’s’. It’s a move you feel in your gut is right. A move you know will finally give you the family you desire. This is your fertility journey. And you don’t need to ask for permission to take the next step. Be proud of where you’ve been and where you are headed. It’s time you own your journey. #ownyourjourney

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Eloise Drane
Eloise Drane, Founder

"I believe that we are all placed on this earth for a purpose. Each one of us has a specific calling in this world and although it is different for everyone, we are here to serve one another. My purpose is to help women who wish to become surrogates and egg donors and the hopeful parents who wish to partner with them. I feel very lucky to be living my purpose."