Egg Donor Journey

Egg Donor Journey

The First Step in Your Journey

Before there can be a baby − there needs to be an egg. That means that the very first step in your journey to building a family of choice starts with the selection of your egg donor (if you need one).

Like anything in life, taking that first step out in faith is often the most difficult part of this process.

“What if I can’t find a suitable donor?”
“What if I find someone that I love, and she isn’t available?”
“What if I invest all of this money, and it doesn’t work out?”

We get it.

It’s easy to scare yourself right out of ever taking that first step forward. But you can never finish a race that you aren’t bold enough to begin. That’s where we come in.

Family Inceptions has a compassionate, gentle approach to family building that will have you feeling empowered, not intimidated. We’ll help you narrow down what you might be looking for in an egg donor as well as talk you through what desires are realistic, and which are not.

We make it risk-free and simple to explore our database of potential egg donors so that you can explore options with ease.

It has been said that surrogacy is a marathon, not a sprint. And this is your first step in that race.

Desired Donor Types

You are an individual. And your family is destined to be one of a kind. Just like you know that your family is unique, egg donors come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and personality types. So, how do you find the perfect one? Let’s explore.

Many intended parents choose donors who exhibit these basic characteristics:

  • Physical traits matching those of the intended mother
  • Beauty
  • High IQ
  • Successful past egg donations
  • Proof of determination and a strong work ethic

Beyond these main attributes, though, the types of donors vary drastically. Intended parents consider things like ethnic backgrounds, religious connections, talents, interests, and athletic ability to find the right fit for them. However, the most typically sought-after ‘types’ of donors include attractive egg donors, educated egg donors, and ethnic egg donors. With this in mind, we offer a large selection of these specific types of donors and will assist you in selecting the best person who will help make your dreams of having a family come true.

Finding the Golden Egg Isn’t Easy.

Because it is a layered and complex process, we will conduct a free one-hour consultation to learn about your expectations, obstacles, and experiences. This will let us get to know you better so we can match you with right egg donors. During the consultation, you can also better understand the process by asking any questions you have. Scheduling your free consultation is the first step to building your family of choice.