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Egg Donation FAQ

You have (a lot of) questions. That’s great. We have answers.

How long has Family Inceptions been in operation?

In 2008 we established under the name Family Acuity. We became known as Family Inceptions in 2013.

What type of screening does an egg donor undergo before she donates eggs?

The donor undergoes comprehensive psychological and medical testing that includes evaluation of her medical history as well as that of her family. Your selected clinic determines the screenings the donor will complete and performs them.

An egg donor must be:

  • free of all STDs and substance abuse,
  • in good health, and
  • have attended at least some college.

Does Family Inceptions allow us to meet the donor?

All egg donation cycles are anonymous unless otherwise agreed upon by all parties. However, this is at the discretion of the donor, and if she is comfortable with meeting you then yes, you can. We will set up a meeting for future parents to either meet the donor in person, speak over the phone, or conference chat.

How do future parents choose an egg donor?

Most people start by looking for a donor with similar height, weight, hair color, eye color, and ethnic background characteristics as themselves. You will be given free access to our database so that you can browse our exceptional donors. There are no right or wrong ways to select your donor. Don’t feel constrained by physical or educational barriers. Sometimes you’ll connect with a profile that looks nothing like you expected. And that’s OK.

What if I do not see a donor that appeals to me?

Our database is constantly being updated, and we have relationships with other agencies throughout the U.S. So if you do not find the right fit for your family, we can do a personalized search for you.

How long does it take once we have chosen a donor?

Typically, it takes approximately three months from the start of the screening process to egg retrieval. However, with reproduction, the time frames might vary.

What type of information do you share?

Family Inceptions understands that the use of a third-party reproduction agency is a sensitive matter. We will not use your information for ANYTHING other than to facilitate these services.

What if we need to know health information about the donor down the road?

Family Inceptions promises all anonymous donors that we will maintain their anonymity. If there is a future health concern that requires contact, we will contact her and discreetly request the required information.

How do I find the ideal donor?

Within the US there are several options for finding the ideal donor: an agency, clinic, or frozen egg bank.

What is an Agency donor?

Agencies like Family Inceptions recruit and maintain donors who apply through their program. They are typically separate from an IVF clinic but can work with any clinic as needed. They are typically used when completing a fresh cycle.

What is a Clinic donor?

Many clinics in the US now have their own in-house donor selection. They will either provide access to a database or share profiles with you directly. They are typically used when completing a fresh cycle.

What is a frozen egg bank donor?

Donor eggs are stored at a frozen egg bank. The fertility clinic might have its own storage facility or it could be an affiliate clinic of a larger frozen egg bank.

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