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Step 4: Surrogacy Agency Journey vs. Independent Surrogacy Journey

You’ve decided you want to become a gestational surrogate, now what?

Is it best to match with an agency or should you find your intended parents independently?

Recently, many people have started turning to the internet for a wide variety of do-it-yourself projects. An endless amount of advice exists for everything from growing your own vegetable garden to homeschooling your children.

However, when it comes to infertility, the DIY route may result in undue amounts of stress and frustration. Going through a reputable agency like Family Inceptions will ensure that all parties involved are protected from scams.

Here’s some points to keep in mind when you’re deciding whether to go with a surrogacy agency or going the independent route:

You may want to match through a surrogacy agency if:

  • You’re a first time surrogate: You are unsure about how to start or find intended parents for your journey
  • Support & Guidance: You would like help, guidance, counseling and support, readily available and throughout the entire process including the pregnancy and delivery
  • Matching: You are insecure about interviewing and negotiating compensation directly with the intended parents
  • Advocate: You like that there is someone else ensuring your best interest is paramount.
  • Legal: You’re not sure about what all should be included in your contract with your intended parents
  • Security peace of mind: you want to make sure your intended parents can afford the journey and that they will be there to get the baby
  • Professional referrals: You want to make sure all the professionals that will assist you in your journey are experienced and understand the process

You may want to match independently if:

  • You’re an experienced surrogate: You’ve already done a successful journey and know the time and commitment it takes to complete a successful journey
  • No middleman: you like the idea of organizing every aspect of the surrogacy journey on your own including interviewing the intended parents, matching, medical, and compensation negotiation
  • Saving money: You want to help the intended parents save money
  • Complications/Disagreements: You are confidant you can handle any issues that arises between you and your intended parents
  • Compensation: Just because you decide to go independently, does not mean you are going to get a higher compensation
  • Download an online course like Surrogacy Roadmap that will walk you through each step of the independent surrogacy process

Get a more in-depth look at the agency vs. independent debate on the Fertility Cafe podcast: Surrogacy 101 – When It Takes a Village to Start a Family where host Eloise Drane reviews the requirements of becoming a gestational surrogate.

Do you qualify to become a surrogate? See if you meet the qualifications.

Wondering what the surrogacy process looks like from start to finish? Click here to see the surrogacy journey laid out step-by-step

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Still have questions? Please contact us today to learn more about becoming a surrogate. At Family Inceptions, we have caring and compassionate staff that can help you to understand more about the surrogacy journey and answer the questions that you have about getting started.

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