Surrogate Compensation

Surrogate Compensation


Family Inceptions is proud to offer a competitive, comprehensive compensation plan to surrogates in our program.

From paying off debt to buying a house, and even going back to school − the opportunities this compensation can open up for you are nearly endless. Whether you choose take time off work to raise your own children, go on the vacation of a lifetime, or create a small business for yourself − there are many ways that this money can greatly benefit you and your family.

Our surrogates earn at least $35,000 per pregnancy. Experienced surrogates will earn more.

Think that sounds low? We’re aware that many other agencies have marketing advertising much higher compensation rates. But what you see is not always what you get. Often, these inflated numbers represent the maximum amount that you could receive, including compensation for things like a lost uterus, severe pregnancy complications, miscarriage surgery fees, and instances of multiple fetus gestation.

Since we want you to have a complication free pregnancy, we won’t bait you with promise of “worst case scenario” pay-outs. Instead, we want to give you the best case scenario compensation model. When you cut through the smoke and mirrors, and compare apples to apples, we think you’ll find that our compensation package is among the most competitive on the market.

So, how does it work? Your total compensation will be your base compensation plus incidentals. Here’s how it breaks down.

Surrogate Mother Compensation: In Detail

Our surrogates are motivated by compassion, not financial gain. The gift that you give to the intended parents—and the rest of the world—could ever be quantified by a number. It’s a truly priceless gift for which no one can ever repay you in full.

The Base Fees *
Base Compensation

Paid in monthly installments after confirmation of heartbeat.
Experienced surrogates receive an additional $5,000 for each subsequent surrogacy journey.

$30,000 - 50,000
The Incidentals
  • Monthly expense allowance
  • Embryo transfer
  • Maternity clothing allowance
  • Multiple-fetus
  • Travel Expenses

* Surrogate compensation funds are directly deposited from an escrow account maintained by a licensed, bonded and insured escrow company.

In addition to the above-listed compensation and monthly allowances, we know there will be expenses that add up during your pregnancy, so rest assured that the intended parents will pay for all pregnancy-related expenses. We pride ourselves on supporting the needs of both the intended parents as well as our donors and surrogates. This is one of the reasons that many surrogates have chosen to work with us.

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