Surronique Wellness Program

Surronique™ Wellness Program

Surronique™ is the most thoughtfully crafted surrogate wellness program

Created by surrogates for surrogates, Surronique™ is a comprehensive wellness program that was designed to ensure the total wellbeing of our selfless surrogates during and after their journey to carry and deliver a healthy baby.

Our passion is not only to help build families, but also to holistically support and empower all involved in this miracle-working processes, starting with the surrogate. Because our staff have been surrogates ourselves, we intimately understand the need for support in ensuring healthy development for babies.

In addition, we also understand the desire for personal, physical and emotional support for surrogates. It's with this vision in mind that we created Surronique™ to lead the industry in surrogate-focused, all-inclusive support and care.

Special Attention for Each Step in Your Journey

Beginning with pre-conception, we pay special attention to healthy preparation for transfer. Once the journey is underway, Surronique™ really comes to life. Surrogates are granted access to experts for consultation regarding their personal needs and concerns during pregnancy. Gifts arrive to surrogates at strategically planned times, and services are offered which enable surrogates to focus on the health and preservation of their physique and emotional wellbeing as they grow a miracle...or two.

We understand that surrogates are supported by strong love from family and friends, and we honor their sacrifice through thoughtful gifting to our surrogate's family once the journey has been completed.

After beautiful babies are handed to their loving parents, Surronique™ continues to stand with our surrogates through the one of the most powerful parts of our Wellness Program: "Get My Body Back". This last imperative phase of Surronique™ delivers recovery support and custom programs as we stand with surrogates through the process of regaining their physique and support them through this sensitive and physical transition.

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Our wellness program is our way of saying how much we honor you and desire to support you.

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Surrogacy is many things

Surrogacy is many things

It is heroic. It is selfless. It is a 24/7 job that has many demands and stresses. And of course, it is incredibly rewarding. We are always here to support you, so if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

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