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Rykita Taylor

Journey Manager

Rykita has her Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Social Work from Georgia State University. She is originally from Pennsylvania but moved to Georgia as a child and Georgia is now home for her. Rykita has been apart of modern family building for over the past 5 years. She worked as an adoption and foster care case manager with the Division of Family and Children services prior to crossing over to the family planning surrogacy world. Advocating for children and families is at the core of her being. She is active in various community outreach programs for the at-risk youth and volunteers working with the homeless population locally. She is a dog lover and will forever be a student in life because life is always teaching us new things daily.

“I am passionate about helping families and providing families with the necessary information needed to succeed. Professionally, I am passionate about assisting both surrogates and intended parents on their journey through surrogacy. I know that it has taken both sides a lot of strength to get to where they currently are with coming to the road of surrogacy and I am here to take some of the burden off of both parties to make this process as smooth as possible for them. I am a nurturer at heart so my time, care, and dedication to both parties I hope will make the families feel confident in their decision to choosing surrogacy and to work with our team here at Family Inceptions!”