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Tami Abiose

Support Intake Coordinator


Tami is originally from California and currently lives in Georgia. Tami received a BA in Sociology w/concentration in Social Work from Oglethorpe University and a Masters in Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University. She a certified Life Coach, enjoys being a Spanish translator in random circumstances (happens a lot!) and a true social worker by heart. Tami has experience working with various populations such as domestic violence & sexual assault survivors, hospice, counseling, undocumented and homeless individuals & families. In her spare time, Tami conducts clothing drives to serve detained undocumented individuals and donates to various organizations that serves many populations throughout Georgia. Tami is married, enjoys yoga and long walks in the park with her husband

“I enjoy being a positive light to show others that being down is only temporary. I truly believe if you have optimism and kindness, you can achieve all things that you want in life. If you put positive energy out in the atmosphere it can’t do anything but come right back to you. Egg donors and surrogates bring so much joy and positive light to those who may not been optimistic about having children. I am ecstatic and empowered to be a part of Family Inceptions, to see others give joy, positive light, and optimism to those who want to have children.