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The “Superhero” Qualities it Takes to be Surrogate

For some, they think, “Pregnancy? Been there, done that! That’s easy peasy for me!” but I’m here to tell you that being a surrogate is SO much more than just being pregnant.

If you’ve read a few of our blogs (and we hope you have), you’ll see we provide a lot of insightful support and information to what the surrogacy process entails as well as the responsibilities. Still, it’s impossible to overstate just how much is required and how special of a shero it takes to put on her cape and commit her body and life for a period of time to help someone have the family of their dreams.

The basics required of any surrogate typically are that you have successfully carried at least one or more children of your own to term, that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, have the support of your spouse, partner, friends and/or family, are a healthy weight, willing to abstain from alcohol and caffeine and that you enjoy being pregnant.

That list above is a standard checklist. In keeping with our “What’s Your Superpower?” theme of August though, let’s discuss the superhero qualities of being a surrogate.

There’s a well-known quote that some things in life are a marathon; not a sprint. This could be said for surrogacy. Once you’re matched with someone to be their gestational carrier, there will be rainy mornings when you’ll have to drag yourself to a doctor’s appointment. Other days, you may have to miss a social occasion or family event due to a scheduled embryo transfer or, hopefully, an OB visit once you’re pregnant. There will times when you’ll have the typical inconveniences of pregnancy (you’re craving sushi, you’d kill for a glass of red wine or your back is achy) and you’ll be reminded of the sacrifices you’re making.
It’s a long process but can be one of the most powerful gifts you’ll ever give anyone. Of course, you are paid for your time, and commitment but trust me when I say that if there isn’t some level of altruism in your heart, surrogacy can be ten times more difficult. The superhero surrogate will remember what the goal of this “marathon” is: to bring life into this world. It’s the women who fully understand this that make for the best surrogates. They stay focused and push through the tough days. That’s certainly the kind we aim to find and provide at Family Inceptions.

If you’re considering being a gestational surrogate, close your eyes and think for a moment: Do I have the strength, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally? Would I be interested in carrying someone’s child even if I wasn’t getting paid? What does helping someone have children mean to me and how strongly do I feel about it?

Right now, as you’re reading this, there are intended parents who are unable to carry a child of their own. They are hoping and praying for a shero; one that comes in to selflessly “save the day”. If you think that person is you, please fill out this form or call 844-404-BABY.

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Eloise Drane
Eloise Drane, Founder

"I believe that we are all placed on this earth for a purpose. Each one of us has a specific calling in this world and although it is different for everyone, we are here to serve one another. My purpose is to help women who wish to become surrogates and egg donors and the hopeful parents who wish to partner with them. I feel very lucky to be living my purpose."