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Take the First Step to Become a Surrogate Mother

Just imagine the joy you will feel from watching someone
hold the baby YOU carried for them

If you’re ready to give the precious gift of a baby to a family who is hoping, praying, and wishing for it every day, now is your time. Apply today and take the next step on starting your surrogacy journey.

Start The Process.
Learn More About Your Options.

Part 1 – Quick Eligibility Check

Complete our Quick Eligibility Check to ensure that you meet the basic requirements to become a gestational surrogate.

We encourage you to take this first step even if you are only considering the possibility of becoming a surrogate.  

Knowing where you stand will save you time and empower your research.

No matter the results, you will receive an email from us within 24 business hours, thanking you and providing results.

We recommend allotting 5-10 minutes to complete the Quick Check. 

Part 2 – Full Application

If your Quick Check goes well,  you will receive an email inviting you to complete a Full Application. 

Using your email address and the password you establish, you will login and answer new questions.  

Our Full Application includes questions relevant to your overall health, medical background, past pregnancies, current lifestyle, journey expectations, and motivation.

We recommend allotting 60-90 minutes to complete this section in one sitting.

The Application Process: What to Expect

Ultimately, qualifying to become a gestational surrogate is an involved, multi-phase process, with many safety checks and considerations. (Family Inceptions will guide you every step of the way. )

Prompt completion of your Quick Check and Full Application provide applicants with improved control over their timeline. There is a lot of “hurry up and wait”, so even if now is not the right time, many applicants choose to frontload their application and intake process so that they are able to efficiently move forward when they are ready.  

The Family Inceptions application and interviews include questions which not only assist our team and, eventually, the intended parents in getting to know you, but are also designed to educate and prompt you to begin thinking about specific aspects of becoming a surrogate. 

(What do YOU hope to get out of this surrogacy journey? How will becoming a surrogate affect your family? )

After completing the Full Application, our Surrogate Coordinator will be in touch to schedule a phone interview, answer any questions you may have, and if you are ready,  move you forward in the process towards becoming a surrogate. 

Questions about the application process? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Email our Surrogacy Coordinator directly at  or schedule a free, no obligation 15-minute call with Rebecca to chat live.

Our team is here to walk with you through every step.

We at Family Inceptions know the decision to become a surrogate isn’t made overnight. It takes time to learn about the process, the qualifications, and the commitment.

Reach out to our team today and schedule a free 15-minute informational call where you can speak with us directly and ask all your burning questions.

Eloise took the time to make sure we were placed with the perfect couple for us and everything with the relationship was perfect. Family Inceptions is professional, patient, caring, knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. I am so honored to have been a surrogate through this amazing agency. If I ever do another surrogacy, I’ll never use another agency… I love you all as if you were family and I’m so blessed to have found you.

– C.E., Surrogate