You Have the Power to Make a Dream Come True as a Surrogate…
The Question Is, Will You?

You Are a Gift – An Answered Prayer

For many, starting a family is a lifelong dream. They long to decorate a nursery, hear their baby’s cry, tickle tiny toes, and watch little eyes drift off to sleep while rocking them gently in their arms and singing lullabies.

Sometimes those dreams are met with internal and external challenges – leading intended parents to seek help from empowered surrogates like you. You, as a surrogate, make those dreams a reality. We at Family Inceptions bridge the gap and help you become a surrogate and connect with the intended parents you are meant to help.

Do I Qualify to Be a Gestational Surrogate?​

As a gestational surrogate, you will be moved in ways you didn’t think were possible. Find emotional fulfillment, showcase compassion and selflessness for your children, and achieve your personal and financial goals. So what are the requirements to get started on this life-changing journey of surrogacy? Family Inceptions requires that our surrogates meet certain qualifications when it comes to their health, lifestyle, and finances.

Transforming Your Family’s Future – Achieve Your Personal and Financial Goals

As a surrogate, you have the power to create hope and transform the lives of intended parents whose only desire is a healthy, happy family. However, at the same time, you are also transforming your own life and your family’s destiny – emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Giving not only your time and generosity, but also your heart, is one of the most magnificent acts of kindness and selflessness. This act of service deserves a financial reward that will help you achieve your dreams and make things easier for your family.

A Process Designed with You in Mind

 Family Inceptions pays special attention to matching you to a family that shares your core values, beliefs, and outlook on life. Our focus is to create a safe and nurturing environment for you as you courageously help the family you are meant to help as a gestational surrogate.

The screening process at Family Inceptions ensures that this isn’t just a transaction, but the beginning of a beautiful relationship for everyone involved. Our 15+ years of experience in the gestational surrogacy field allows us to take the stress and guess-work out of the whole process – significantly cutting down the matching time period.

Resources for Becoming a Gestational Surrogate

Discover what it takes to become a gestational surrogate and how to kick off your surrogacy journey

We Are More Than A Company.
We Are A Community.

At Family Inceptions Surrogacy Agency, our expert team has years of experience in surrogacy and an in-depth understanding of how the third-party family building process works. Hence, we are 100% committed to providing unmatched support to our Surro Sisters.

Compassion is ingrained in our DNA. We’ve been surrogates. We’ve been egg donors. And together, we’ve helped create hundreds of families. Each and every member of our staff is intimately familiar with all your challenges and fears, and is uniquely qualified to help you on this journey from inception to conception and beyond.

How To Become a Surrogate Mother

Ready to deliver a dream to a family who’s hoping for a miracle and become a surrogate? Can’t wait to hand a precious newborn to a parent who has waited far too long to hold a baby in their arms? Hope to help someone finally become a parent when it seemed like it wasn’t possible for them? We would love to welcome you to our Surro Sister Society – a group of empowered and selfless surrogate mothers who understand the bigger meaning behind surrogacy and are driven by the desire to bring people the bliss of parenthood.

Start your journey to become a gestational surrogate and apply today.

"This surrogacy was my first time as a surrogate. I applied with Family Inceptions online, and the very next day I received an email from Eloise to make an appointment for my interview. We started all the paperwork, had my meeting with the psychologist, completed all other screening steps, and within two months of my interview I matched with a couple. Throughout my surrogacy, any problems we ever ran into Family Inceptions handled immediately and I never had to worry. I also never had to worry about bills getting paid on time and I never had a hard time getting appointments because my coordinator always worked with me around my family’s schedule. These people do not work as if they are running just a business, they work as if everyone is family and friends. I am so incredibly blessed to have had them behind me through this process and couldn't be more thankful to Family Inceptions. In the future if and when I decide to start my journey for my second surrogacy Family Inceptions will be my first call."
Family Inceptions Surrogate

Got questions about how to become a surrogate? We are here to answer them for you!

Great question. There are two different kinds of surrogacy – traditional and gestational. In traditional surrogacy, a woman becomes pregnant with a biological child that she does not intend to raise. In gestational surrogacy, an embryo is made outside of the body using the egg of a second woman. The conceived child does not have any biological link to the surrogate and is raised by intended parents.

Carrying another person’s child is an enormous responsibility because you are carrying their hopes, dreams, and future. Intended parents want somebody they can trust. Hence, you need to be honest, committed and caring. You also need to be in good health – physically, as well as emotionally.

Moreover, as a surrogate mother, you’ll be expected to make a series of doctors’ appointments. There may be travel, dietary, and physical limitations prescribed to you by doctors and you’ll be required to follow everything for a healthy pregnancy.

In order for you to become a gestational surrogate, your spouse must be in full support of your decision. He or she will be required to complete a medical and psychological screening, background check, and sign legal agreements.

Why would you take one of the most important steps of your life all on your own? Surrogacy is a huge commitment and has a lengthy process. The right agency makes the entire journey easier and safer for you.

With an agency managing the legal, financial, and medical aspects of your journey with expert ease, you get the peace of mind to take care of yourself and focus on growing your relationship with the intended parents.

Additionally, you also have the security that your compensation benefits are funded into escrow and disbursed to you right when they are due.

The level of involvement is entirely up to you and your intended parents. Most intended parents are eager to start a family and want to personally experience the surrogacy journey with you. We encourage intended parents to be involved because it is a unique and beautiful experience.

However, if you would prefer less of a personal relationship with the parents, we will support your decision and help articulate that to the intended parents. There may also be individual intended parents who prefer a more “hands-off” relationship.

The relationship you have is what you and your intended parents agree upon. We want to emphasize that you have a voice and we want you to feel comfortable in establishing how you would like your journey to be.

Yes, you most certainly can become a gestational surrogate if you are single or divorced. However, if you are separated from your spouse and not legally divorced, it is best to wait until you are, as there can sometimes be factors that could impact the surrogacy journey.

You can start your journey by filling in our online application here. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us any time. We’re here for you!

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How Much Would You Make as a Gestational Surrogate?

As a surrogate, you’ll be dedicating your body, time, and emotions for a cause that far surpasses what many people are willing to do. That’s exactly why our surrogate mothers are appreciated and generously compensated so that you can contribute to your family’s finances too.

Use our calculator to get an estimate of your compensation based on location and  experience.