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Real Stories from Our Intended Parents, Surrogates, and Egg Donors

“I walked into the process struggling to trust the industry, feeling vulnerable to potential scams. Family Inceptions proved to be honest and up front . I'd recommend, and have recommended for others to rely on Family Inceptions for all aspects, such as egg donors, surrogates, recommendations for clinics, legal representation, escrow, etc.”
James, Georgia
Intended Parent
“I would like to add how privileged I feel to be able to help these families feel the love of birthing a child. I was lucky enough to be able to give birth to my own child with no complications, and I am just thankful that I was given the opportunity to help a family have the same experiences I had when pregnant and giving birth to my son. Thank you, Family Inceptions, for being the connecting piece to this miracle.”
Megan, South Carolina
Egg Donor
"I can totally understand the fear that this journey can feel business like or impersonal, especially in the beginning when the majority of the work is paperwork and dealing with professionals like lawyers and psychologists that you have NEVER met to discuss these very, very intimate life details. For me, once we got past all of the paperwork part I really started to feel more like family with my IPs, almost right away. This is a journey like no other, so there is really not much to compare it to, other than for me personally (and I think that you and probably many women can relate to this) it felt so much like nannying or teaching feels. It is like you are another parent like caregiver in this baby's life, so much like teaching or nannying where EVERYONE's goal is the same, and you all just have a different, very important and unique role in making that happen.

Family Inceptions made the personal aspects of this journey SUCH a priority. Eloise rocks at that and she is really good at understanding BOTH sides. One of the toughest things for me to handle was being able to speak up for myself and voice boundaries or communication concerns because I did not want to hurt anyone's feelings, but wanted to communicate clearly, and Eloise and her team were great at facilitating those scenarios. I also had to remind myself OFTEN (or other surrogates would remind me) that in MOST cases, IPs are coming to the table with hearts that have been shattered, repeatedly. Some with miscarriages, others with major health concerns, some with failed adoptions, still births, the list goes on. So often I had to remind myself that if IPs are coming off as guarded, or cautious, or subdued in their excitement - that it had ZERO to do with my or surro baby. They are protecting their hearts and sometimes that means their reactions or requests do not look the way you expect. Strangely enough it is kind of like being married - communication and understanding is SO important, as cliche as that sounds. Bottling up feelings or concerns never, ever works, but especially in this scenario. My experience felt like an experience with my family, because in a strange way we are now and always will be linked in that way. Granted every story is unique (I cannot imagine navigating this journey internationally, though I bet technology can make a lot of that possible now) but my IPs texted and checked in regularly, came to my OB/GYN appointments (but let me have time with the Dr. individually first), our families met and interacted and my big kids got to visit my surro baby in the hospital. It was awesome."
Elizabeth, Georgia
“The donor egg experience can be a frightening one, and one we probably wouldn't have chosen given the option of using our own eggs. Most of us don't find ourselves needing donor eggs without having gone through a lot of pain and some heartbreak first. Family Inceptions was recommended to me by a friend I met on the donor egg online boards, and they came highly recommended. I'm so glad I listened to my friend. I definitely feel like I ended up with the daughter I was meant to have.”
Jennifer, South Carolina
Intended Parent
“I had someone ask me now that I gave birth, how I feel about surrogacy and if I would recommend anyone to do it. I wanted to share my reasons why and how i feel with those just starting out. This experience has been one of the most fulfilling moments I've ever had. What is surrogacy. Imagine this, 16 years old in history class with sore breast. Going to the doctor and find out your pregnant. Imagine being terrified wondering how you'll finish school, how you'll support this child. Imagine being scared wondering who will wake up and feed this baby and comfort her when she cries at night. Imagine staying up, awake crying because you don’t know how a child can care for a child. Now imagine this, finishing school, getting a great job and buying a house. Imagine setting up rooms and getting excited over the possibility of one of those rooms being filled with the laughter and chatter of your children. Imagine years later staying up crying because you've realized you may never have that child to fill that bedroom even after you've done everything right. Imagine wishing for those sleepless nights of feedings and dreaming for those long days of comforting your crying baby. Yet knowing this may never be a possibility. Now think of both, think of knowing you can help someone get something that came so easily to you. Now imagine this, lying in bed and watching someone who has cried and cried for years knowing they may never hold a child of their own. Imagine watching them hold that child for the first time. The look in their eyes, the awe on their face knowing that their dreams has come true and you were a part of that. That one look makes it all worth it. That is surrogacy.”
Hayley, Alabama
“I would absolutely recommend Family Inceptions! Eloise was so incredibly helpful and comforting throughout our surrogacy journey. Whenever we had a question or concern, she was always right there to answer our question or guide us in the right direction. Plus, she is amazingly fast with getting back to you when you do have questions. Family Inceptions makes the surrogacy process simple, at a time when things can feel overwhelming. Family Inceptions coordinated and introduced us to all the people needed for the surrogacy journey. (surrogate, psychologist, lawyer, escrow agent and even recommended a specialist when we needed it). We also had very positive experiences with everyone Family Inceptions introduced us to. Especially our amazing surrogate!”
Kim, Florida
Intended Parent