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Intended Parents

The Surrogacy Process

Working Together, We Bring Families to Life

Many of our surrogates say that surrogacy was something that they just knew was right for them when they first learned about it.

Roadmap to Parenthood

You have a dream to become a parent. We have a process to get you there. Our team of experts will come alongside you, helping each step of the way, as you excitedly look forward to welcoming your baby to your world.

Time to Completion: 60 minutes

The process begins with an in-person or video consultation where we learn about your desires for the surrogacy journey. We discuss your goals, your values, your lifestyle, your challenges, your expectations, and the type of relationship you desire with your surrogate. We share details about our matching process, your financial obligations and give you the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have.

Time to Completion: 1-2 weeks

To ensure we find your ideal match, we have you complete a questionnaire that our team will use to create a step by step, strategic plan around what kind of person would be the best-fit for you and the surrogacy arrangement that best fits your lifestyle and choices. Once your retainer agreement has been completed and small deposit made, we will begin finding a surrogate for you. Should you need it, we also offer financing.

Time to Completion: 3-4 months

Keeping your feedback and goals in mind, we’ll review potential surrogate candidates who have undergone a thorough pre-screening process and find the best match for you.

Time to Completion: 3-5 days

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for, we’ve found your best-fit surrogate. Once both parties agree to proceed, we facilitate an initial match call. Then we’ll setup an in person or video chat meeting. It’s important to ensure both parties are on the same page. Once the match is official, we will walk you through the process, the plan and what working together toward a pregnancy looks like.

Time to Completion: 1-2 months

Once both parties agree to move forward, your potential surrogate will undergo a complex and comprehensive medical screening for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Time to Completion: 2-4 weeks

The legal process with our expert legal team is an important step to ensure legal contracts are signed and everyone is clear on the terms of the partnership that will bring your baby into the world.

Time to Completion: Up to 30 days

Your surrogate will meet the medical team of your choice and work with the fertility center to get prepped for the embryo transfer and pregnancy. Your surrogate will begin taking medications in preparation for the transfer. During this time, she will be monitored by your clinic and given instructions on the how-to for the big day.

Time to Completion: 9-10 months

It’s probably going to feel like the longest 9 months of your life but is worth it. You’re expecting!

Your surrogate mother will maintain doctors’ appointments, receive unparalleled support from Family Inceptions and check in regularly with you – the parents.

From pre-pregnancy to embryo transfer and after delivery, we make sure that you have everything that you need to feel supported and cared for because we’re excited too!

Finally, we help create a birth plan for the big day. The moment that everyone has been waiting for: Holding your new baby in your arms and taking him or her home.

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Most Intended Parents opt for our Full-Service Surrogacy Program, where Family Inceptions manages every step of your journey, from matching you with your best-fit surrogate, to coordinating screening, and finding the best legal, medical, and financial professionals to fit your unique circumstances.

But a full-service program isn’t all we offer.

Already found your surrogate? Our Journey Management Program may be the right option for you. 

We understand that not everyone needs our assistance in finding a gestational surrogate. Whether it’s a close friend or family member who has offered to assist you in your journey to parenthood, or you have connected with a potential gestational surrogate online, there are many scenarios in which you may have completed the initial stage of the surrogacy journey – locating a gestational surrogate – on your own. 

Our Journey Management Program is designed with you in mind: we’ll jump in and oversee the surrogacy process from this point forward, including Pre-Screening, Coordination, and overseeing Escrow Services, Legal Counsel, and Psychological Services. 

Support Your Surrogate Through Surronique®️ Wellness Program

A one-of-a-kind, uniquely tailored program for surrogates to ensure their well-being before, during and after surrogacy. A healthy surrogate mother makes healthy babies and is able to be the best mom for her own kids.

Surronique gives surrogates access to health and wellness experts to consult on personal needs and concerns during the pregnancy. We’re talking surprise gifts, pregnancy massage, a personal nutritionist, specially-cooked meals, surrogate support retreat and so much more.

Got questions? We are here to answer them for you!

The type of relationship you choose to have with your surrogate is totally your decision. That’s where our matching process comes in. We want a partnership with mutual agreement on relationship boundaries, expectations, and values. The type of relationship you choose to have with your surrogate is totally your decision. That’s where our matching process comes in. We want a partnership with mutual agreement on relationship boundaries, expectations, and values.

Our surrogates undergo a complete medical and psychological exam as well as complete all of the legal documents required before IVF.

Surrogacy timelines can vary, according to matching and appointment schedules. After you book your initial consultation, we get to work right away to find your match. Ready? Click here to get started.

Prior to matching the surrogate mothers, we require all candidates to complete a comprehensive application, followed by an in-depth interview. Potential candidates are required to have updated pap smears as well as physicals. In addition, we complete a full psychological evaluation with her spouse/partner as well as a home visit.

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