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A Guide To Surrogate Compensation And Benefits

A Rewarding Experience

“How much do surrogates get paid?” It’s a fair question and one that is asked a lot.

As a surrogate, you’ll be dedicating your body, time, and emotions for a cause that far surpasses what many people are willing to do. This heartfelt commitment goes far beyond any material means. But we can’t deny that financial compensation is an important piece of this journey too. That’s exactly why our surrogate mothers are appreciated and generously compensated so that you can contribute to your family’s finances too.

With their compensation, our surrogates have been able to buy houses, pay off their debts, take time off work to raise their kids, enjoy their dream vacations with family, and more! It is a calling few women are willing to answer, but those who do find immense satisfaction in the journey.

A surrogate’s compensation is broken down into two categories: base compensation and itemized additional compensation. Amounts vary based on a variety of factors, ranging from your geographical location to your current insurance coverage.

To find out your earning potential as a surrogate, consider the following next steps:

  1. Review the general qualifications for becoming a surrogate.
  2. Estimate your compensation with our free calculator.
  3. Complete an initial application.
  4. Schedule a free, no-obligation 15-minute call.

If you seem to be a qualified candidate, one of our friendly team members will be in touch to conduct a one-on-one interview via phone or video chat. During this interview, we will be able to provide you with more in-depth details of what your compensation will look like.

Your time as a surrogate mother benefits everyone involved and for a lifetime.

Base Compensation

For the base compensation, you can make between $50,000 and $80,000 as a surrogate with Family Inceptions, plus allowances for monthly expenses, multiples, maternity clothes, and incidentals. Other related expenses are paid by the intended parents, so you will never have to worry about legal fees, travel costs, medical expenses, or other costs related to the pregnancy.

Total compensation varies according to circumstances and is determined prior to any commitments made. Many factors impact compensation, including where you live, if you’re carrying multiples, and any prior surrogacy experience. Surrogates living in certain cities or states may be in higher demand, which can result in a higher base compensation.

The base rate, which can range between $50,000 to $80,000 here, is paid to you in 9 monthly installments starting at confirmation of heartbeat. All compensation details are decided before you begin any medical treatments.

You, with the help of an attorney, will negotiate with the intended parents and their attorney to draft a legally binding Gestational Surrogacy Agreement. This is a very important document that protects you and your financial well being throughout the process. And don’t worry, your legal fees will all be covered by the intended parents!

Our agency is proud to offer such generous compensation to the selfless surrogates who generously answer the call to help others build their families. For additional peace of mind, we require all payments to be handled by a third party escrow company, meaning that your compensation will arrive on time and in full, from start to finish.

Additional Compensation

In addition to base compensation, surrogates may receive additional compensation as agreed to ahead of time. The amounts and qualifications for receiving additional compensation should be clearly outlined in your surrogacy contract.

These expenses vary depending on circumstances and can include:

  • Monthly Expense Allowance (for non-accountable incidentals)
  • Start of Medication
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Maternity Clothing Allowance
  • Multiple Fetuses
  • Lost Wages
  • Housekeeping and/or Child Care
  • Invasive Procedures (amniocentesis, c-section, etc)
Do I Qualify to Be a Gestational Surrogate?​

Wondering what the requirements are to get started on this life-changing journey of surrogacy? Family Inceptions requires that our surrogates meet certain qualifications when it comes to their health, lifestyle, and finances. This is so we can best determine if becoming a gestational surrogate is right for you and to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Click the link below to review our list of general qualifications for our surrogates.

We Care for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Surrogate Wellness Program (SWP)

Our Surrogate Wellness Program (SWP) is a one-of-a-kind, uniquely tailored program for surrogates to ensure their well-being before, during, and after surrogacy. A healthy surrogate mother makes healthy babies, and is able to be the best mom for her own kids.

SWP offers surrogates access to health and wellness experts who will be there to consult on personal needs and any concerns that arise during the pregnancy.

Having the right support and resources at your fingertips can make being a surrogate mother even more rewarding. This can include:

  • Pregnancy massages
  • A personal nutritionist
  • Selection for fresh meal delivery
  • Surprise gifts
  • And so much more!

As a surrogate, you deserve to feel pampered and honored for your selfless decision. We are proud to do all we can to make our surrogates feel like the special angels they are!

“As a 2 time surrogate I can honestly say that Family Inceptions is AMAZING. Working with Family Inceptions was a true blessing. Eloise and her team were like a lifeline for me. If I had any questions or just needed to talk, they were there. They knew my schedule so anytime I had blood work or medical appointments, they would send me an encouraging or positive message or even call to see how things went. As an experienced surrogate herself, Eloise knows the challenges both emotionally and physically of being a surrogate, making her a great support person. The agency was on top of all my payments and can provide a buffer between a surrogate and IPs if needed. If you are considering becoming a surrogate, I encourage you to reach out to Family Inceptions! Being a surrogate is an amazing gift and you’ll want someone just as amazing who knows the process on your side.”
Misty M.

Private Surrogate
Facebook Group

Surrogacy is a journey unlike any other. It can help to connect with other women who have been in the same shoes.

Inside the private surrogate Facebook group, you will find a welcoming and safe space to ask questions and share experiences, connect and express feelings, celebrate and empower each other, and reciprocate support.

You are invited to this space as long as you’d like to be a part of our Family Inceptions family. Many of our past surrogates love sticking around to support current women who embark on this journey!

Become a Surrogate

Get An Estimate Of Your Compensation
As A Surrogate Mother

Because each compensation package is tailored to your unique circumstances, we suggest you contact our team to get an estimate of your compensation as a surrogate mother. There is absolutely no obligation! Simply fill out this contact form and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.

Unfortunately, if you live in:, Alaska, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Indiana, North Dakota or South Dakota we will not be able to work with you unless and until you move to a different state. If you live in one of these states but would still like to learn more about surrogacy, please reach out.

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Become a Surrogate Today

Becoming a surrogate is a rewarding experience in so many ways. The financial compensation is just one benefit to being a surrogate mother. Surrogacy can also be extremely rewarding both physically and emotionally, and its positive effects extend far beyond the surrogate and her intended parents. Each successful surrogacy journey touches so many lives and has the power to forge strong bonds between people from all walks of life.

If you have any interest in seeing what surrogacy would be like for you, please reach out to Family Inceptions today. You may be the miracle someone is waiting for!

“Family Inceptions offered all I could’ve asked for in my surrogacy journey. [Family Inceptions] genuinely cares about their surrogates, donors, and IPs. Any questions I had, they were able to answer from a surrogate’s point of view. I would not choose any other agency!” — Stacy D., Gestational Surrogate

Your surrogacy journey starts today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We are here to answer them for you!

Family Inceptions works with an escrow company that maintains and distributes all of your funds. Intended parents will fund the escrow accounts and you will receive your payment based on the contractual obligation you and your intended parents agreed upon.

You will receive a clear schedule of payments prior to making any commitments. There are certain events for which you’ll receive payment prior to becoming pregnant. For example, when you begin fertility medications, you’ll receive the lump sum for that. When the heartbeat is confirmed, your monthly base compensation payments will begin.

That’s okay! The intended parents will purchase a health insurance policy for you that covers the duration of your pregnancy. Even if you do have health insurance, an additional policy will likely be purchased by the IPs, as surrogacy expenses are often excluded.

No. The intended parents pay for all legal counsel and any attorney fees involved in the drawing up of contracts, etc.

No. Currently we do not provide 1099s. However, we do recommend you speak with a tax professional regarding your benefits as we are not tax professionals and cannot give you any tax advice.

No. The intended parents are responsible for all related medical expenses, including the purchase of maternity healthcare insurance for you. In some cases, your personal health insurance may cover some expenses, but you will never be obligated to pay for surrogacy-related medical care without being reimbursed.

Women who have successfully completed a surrogacy journey for a family receive higher compensation because they have a proven history. This extra compensation can give intended parents and fertility professionals additional peace of mind and confidence in having a successful surrogacy pregnancy.

At Family Inceptions, we are no strangers to the calling of surrogacy and alternative family building. Our team is built of past egg donors, surrogates, and experts in the third-party reproduction field. Our CEO and founder, Eloise Drane, is a six-time egg donor and three-time surrogate, giving her a unique perspective and loads of compassion for her surrogates. Founded in 2008, Family Inceptions is one of the most well respected and highest paying surrogacy agencies in the country.

“I’ve done two successful journeys with this agency & will be starting a third with them very soon. The knowledge and attentiveness that you receive is what keeps me coming back to them! As a surrogate, navigating the fertility process and then combining it with the emotions of another family can be a whirlwind, but having the support of Family Inceptions makes the process easy to undergo. They are always accessible and have the answers to any concerns you may have. People who care about people, coming together to help create more love to give to the world is what I feel when they come to mind! I’ve had nothing short of an amazing experience each time.” — Deja H.