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Surrogate Requirements:
Do I Qualify?

Qualifications Of A Surrogate

It takes a team to create the dream. We want everyone to be safe, healthy, and happy on this journey, so we have a few requirements for our surrogates to ensure everyone’s goals are met:

Individual Surrogate Mother Requirements

We want to make sure we work with women who are ready to embark on the rewarding journey of surrogacy. To become a surrogate, you must:

Medical Surrogate Qualifications 

To qualify as a gestational surrogate, you must meet these medical requirements as well. Every surrogate must:

Financial Requirements To Become A Gestational Surrogate

To become financially qualified for surrogacy, you must:

Take the next step in becoming a surrogate.

Make the difference you were designed to make.

Get An Estimate Of Your Compensation As A Surrogate Mother

As a surrogate, you’ll be dedicating your body, time, and emotions for a cause that far surpasses what many people are willing to do.

That’s exactly why we appreciate and generously compensate our surrogate mothers so that you can contribute to your family’s finances too.

Our surrogates have been able to buy houses, pay off their debts, take time off work to raise their kids, enjoy their dream vacations with family, and more!

"If you're looking to experience a surrogacy journey with a personable touch, then Family Inceptions is where you should be!

I've worked with Eloise and she is super knowledgeable and attentive to all things regarding the process. She makes sure that you're very comfortable (and aware) of the deed that you're working to perform. She also connects you with a community of surrogates, to keep you in contact with women who know exactly what you're going through!

There is no doubt in my mind that if I wanted to become a surrogate once more, Family Inceptions would be my first call."
    - D.H
       Family Inceptions Surrogate

Ready to Become One of Our Dream-Makers?

While becoming a surrogate is one of the most selfless and rewarding things a woman can do, there are some situations that can arise during the process that are good to think about while looking for your match.

  • Are you prepared to administer medicine for 4 weeks leading up to pregnancy and up to 10 weeks following pregnancy confirmation?
  • Are you emotionally ready for the effort of carrying a baby to full term that is not your own?
  • Can you 100% commit to the entire process and give it the time it requires?

There are many great moments in the surrogacy journey, the greatest of which is seeing a new parent hold the baby that they’ve longed for after years of wishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about becoming a surrogate? We are here to answer them for you!

Unfortunately, you cannot be a surrogate if you have never given birth previously. This is because we require previous birthing records to assess how your past pregnancies were.

Further, it is best to already have a child of your own to really understand how you will cope with a pregnancy and a child that, in the end, you’re unable to keep.

With surrogacy, you do not need health insurance to become a surrogate. We will find a medical plan for you that will be paid for by the intended parents on your behalf. However, do note that only expenses related to the pregnancy will be paid for by the intended parents.

Yes, you can. Since you are not using your eggs to create the embryos, you do not even need to have tubes at all! You will become pregnant following in-vitro fertilization (IVF), meaning that your tubes will never be used in the pregnancy process at all.

Family Inceptions pre-screens all potential gestational surrogates. The pre-screening tests include a criminal background check on you and your spouse/partner (if you have one), a psychological evaluation (to determine if your level of commitment to the surrogacy is sufficient to proceed), home assessment, and a thorough review of your medical records.

What type of medical tests will I undergo?

You will also undergo a medical examination that will involve screening both you and your spouse/partner for sexually transmitted diseases as well as a gynecological examination for you.

It’s important to note that each clinic has its own individual protocols and medical screenings that it deems necessary. We understand that this sounds like a lot. Don’t worry. It’s more intimidating on paper than in practice.

Pro-life doesn’t necessarily equate to no-termination when it comes to surrogacy. The baby you will be carrying is extremely wanted. Consider what an infertile couple must endure before finally settling on surrogacy – miscarriages, surgeries and procedures, failed attempts at IVF.

Year after year of having their dreams of starting a family derailed by a condition outside of their control. When it comes to surrogacy, pregnancy termination isn’t abortion, and the two should not be lumped into the same category.

Reasons For Terminating A Pregnancy

For Family Inceptions and the parents we work with, termination of a surrogate pregnancy isn’t done because the baby is a boy when they want a girl. It isn’t done because the intended parents changed their minds. It isn’t done because of physical conditions or birth defects, such as a cleft palate or limb deformity.

Termination isn’t done because a baby isn’t “perfect”.

For our intended parents, a termination of a surrogate pregnancy would be done in the most extreme circumstances – when there is a medical condition that cannot be fixed with surgery outside of your womb, such as chromosomal abnormalities. This medical condition would affect the quality of life for the baby, if they even made it to that point.