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Surrogacy Process Costs + Fees

Taking the first step on the path to surrogacy can be stressful. Surrogacy, while a worthwhile and beautiful investment in your future family, can also be a significant financial investment. That’s why, at Family Inceptions, we draw upon our 13+ years of experience in gestational surrogacy and egg donation to bring comfort and confidence to the process.

Our Parent Promise is

  • Individualized expert support
  • Your best-fit surrogate match
  • Complete transparency with no hidden or extra charges

The dream of a happy, healthy family is worth the investment, and we’re here every step of the way to bring that dream to reality.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

The average cost of surrogacy in the USA is $110,000 -$200,000.

It’s a wide range, we understand. Surrogate costs may differ due to various reasons. These can include varying costs of medical screening at your fertility clinic, surrogate expenses, etc. We invite you to review the approximate fees and costs associated with selecting a surrogate through Family Inceptions.

Family Inceptions is pleased to offer Fertility Financing for the entire surrogacy cycle.

Estimated Surrogacy cost & fees include:

As every surrogacy journey is unique and the cost of surrogacy differs based on many factors, it’s best to book a consultation with Family Inceptions to get all the details. Ready to start (or grow) your family? Click the button below to get the process started and we’ll reach out to you with the specifics, including a breakdown of all surrogacy costs.

Remember, while surrogacy is a substantial investment, our goal at Family Inceptions is to help you start (or grow) your family in the most stress-free way possible, so you can build your family legacy with ease & grace. That’s what your heart desires. And that’s what we’re here for.

Questions regarding the cost of surrogacy are common. To price out your unique surrogacy journey, we recommend you schedule a consultation with Family Inceptions. Click the button below to get the process started and we’ll reach out to you with the specifics, including a breakdown of all surrogacy costs.

Got questions? We are here to answer them for you!

No. The surrogate’s own personal insurance cannot be utilized for the IVF care. It is common for insurance providers to restrict fertility coverage. It is important you are aware of the insurance status before beginning your surrogacy journey with your surrogate.

If your surrogate has her own personal medical insurance coverage, without surrogacy exclusions, it is possible to use her insurance for the pregnancy care only. It would be the intended parent’s responsibility to cover any copays, deductibles or out of pocket medical expenses.
Included in our full-service program, is providing insurance policy review to verify your surrogate’s insurance status.

We ensure that any and all surrogate funds are held in an escrow account that is managed through an escrow agent that is licensed, bonded and insured. We do not receive any kickbacks, referral fees or own any part of other professional companies we refer clients to.

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