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Blog Archives: How to Become a Surrogate

preparing to be a surrogate family inceptions

Preparing to Become a Surrogate

Let’s cut right to the quick… Becoming a surrogate is a big deal. It’s a common phrase among adults, “…but first, do your research.” It’s

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holding hands surrogate support

A Surrogate Husband’s Point Of View On Surrogacy

The most common question I get after saying that my wife is a surrogate is, “how do you feel about it?” In a word, great. In more than a word, here’s a look at what it’s like to be the husband of a surrogate, from my point of view.

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surrogate support getting husband on-board

Blog: A Surrogate Husband’s Point of View on Surrogacy

It is not uncommon for even the most supportive of husbands to start this process with a few questions and a handful of doubts. To help calm their (totally normal) nerves, we wanted to share a few thoughts from Joe LaMothe. His wife, Sharon, is our COO. Together they went through two surrogacy journeys. Here are his thoughts on the daily hormone injections that are part of the procedure.

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surrogacy in connecticut

Surrogacy in the State of Connecticut

Surrogacy in Connecticut Family Inceptions is a surrogacy agency that has been assisting families with the Connecticut surrogacy process for many years. Providing assistance to

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